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Please join me in helping Community Caregivers help our neighbors

To The Daily Sun,

I wonder if the residents of Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Sandwich truly realize what a wonderful resource their community has in the services provided by the volunteers of Interlake Community Caregivers. Volunteer caregivers provide services to local neighbors who are infirm, elderly or are in short term recovery. In most cases, these services allow people to remain living in their own homes.

These are our neighbors, friends, fellow citizens. They want to remain independent. They do not want nor need to be living in a group facility. They want to provide for themselves with a little assistance from Caregivers.

Interlakes Community Caregivers relies completely on local donations to fund their operation. The principal source of funds is the Annual Appeal which is now in progress. Perhaps some of you have received letters from the Annual Appeal. Please consider this worthy cause for a donation.

If you have not already been contacted, please join out Annual Appeal by mailing a donation to Interlakes Community Caregivers, PO Box 78, Center Harbor, NH 03226 or donate online at www.InterlakesCommunityCaregivers.org

Please join me in helping Community Caregivers help our neighbors

John F. Buckley

Community Caregivers Volunteer


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Our cost for 90-day Rx has gone up 1,000% while Hassan spends away

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Governor Hassen,

As a retired state employee I was shocked to receive a letter from the state this past week. My cost for long-term (90 day) prescriptions has gone up 1,000 percent. You read that right, 1,000 percent. It seems the profligate spending by our governor is to be paid, at least in part, on the backs of retired employees. We often worked at substandard wages because of the benefits we received. I guess that is now much less true than in the past.

Our governor just can't stop spending our money, and when I called to complain about her outrageous spending I spoke to a condescending minion who, while overtly polite, could not keep his disdain out of his voice. He was just not interested in someone who wanted to rein in the free-spending activities of those we had elected.

So, thank you governor. My wife's prescriptions are many, and my costs will increase enormously. I just hope we can keep such as yourself from continuing in office.

Ron Hrasna


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