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Trowing more money won't make a dent in the illegal drug problem

To The Daily Sun,

So here we are again, hearing about, "if we spend it and build it they will come." Currently, Maggie, with her power to veto, has held up the Legislature's budget to spend $42 million on drug rehab programs in the state because she wants said Legislature to include expanding Medicaid to bring in $5.7 million in fed money for drug treatment programs. Add to it the $12 million from the feds that she forgot all about, it all adds up to the total of some $59 million.

Again Haggie feels that the people/taxpayer are to be held responsible for someones "elected addiction", and with all the enforcement officials telling her in one ear, that we need to spend more and more if we are to see results, and at the same time, in the other ear, we will "ensure" your re-election.That holds true with all elected law makers who vote to increase spending on enforcement. Tell me the enforcement agencies with their lobbyists are not running this country, and our lawmakers.

What have the results been so far on drug prevention with the spending of $28 million from the last biennium? You will be hard-pressed to get a straight answer to that one. The politically correct answer is, "We are making progress." The real answer is, "X amount of officers/administrators retired at 75 percent of their base pay."

In 2010 this country spent $3.614 billion on the war on marijuana (just marijuana) and the end result was what? More spending on more government. Let's not be naive here. The end result on spending $59 million dollars in this state on drug prevention for the next biennium will be more government with the same old "but we are making progress" BS.

There are no accurate reports of how much New Hampshire spends on the war on marijuana because nobody keeps those statistics accurately. The best anybody can do is to produce a "rough estimate" based on arrest data.

By the way, if you get elected to public office in this state there is no pre-employment or random drug screening. Think about that the next time these so-called lawmakers ram another mandate down the private sector's throats.

I hear over and over again that someone lost a loved one or friend to overdose. Where were the friends and love ones before the addiction. If you can't communicate to someone before they stick a needle in their arm, then how are you going to communicate to them after they are addicted or dead? Perhaps you can sit down and send them a text message across the dinner table and talk about the dangers of opiate's, this crap has been around for decades and if you have all of a sudden just started hearing about it than you've been living in a cave. If I had a friend who died from an overdose from heron and I knew who sold that friend that crap, then you can bet your ass, that would be the last friend I would loose to that dealer.

Perhaps before we bleed $59 million into programs that don't even scratch the surface, how about we do something about the kids who go to bed hungry in this state and have to rely on school meals for their only meal of the day. Wake up Concord and Capitol Hill, stop spending more and more big money on programs that will not and have not made a dent in the problem. Start getting your priorities in order. Stop trying to convince yourselves that throwing money into a vortex, to land wherever, will solve drug problems. Your not fooling anyone, anymore. The next time you all run for office, be honest with the taxpayers and tell them that you plan on throwing more big money into law enforcement for that is where the lion share of your votes come from.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Sanbornton Old Home Day committee is grateful for support

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton's July 25 Old Home Day shone with sun and happy faces. Our committee of 20 people has much to be thankful for, and publicly thank the following:

First Student bus company stepped in at the last minute with bus service to complement that provided by Sant Bani School. Kathy Farrington of our town did an excellent job with designing T-shirt graphics, making a grounds map, providing a program; our 37 T-shirt sponsors made our costs do-able.

Thanks to our library and its staff, and to Salatiello Family Trust for sponsoring story-teller Odds Bodkin. Thanks to our selectmen for use of Old Town Hall and sponsorship of our event. Sanbornton Historical Society gave us use of property and grounds and money-tracking by treasurer Jack Potter.

Sanbornton Police and Fire were with us, opening the Life/Safety Building to the public for public information, child fingerprinting, and children's plastic firemen hats! Thanks to Franklin Savings Bank for the use of their delightful Balloon Burst Booth.

Twenty-six bakers in town provided us with the cakes that were sliced and enjoyed. Many thanks to them and to Sheryl Anderson for adding the "Celebrate Sanbornton" lettering to the cakes. Crafters, vendors, car show participants, demonstrators, New Horizons Band and Moulton's Band — all made the event happen. Boy Scouts providing the color guard for the parade — we needed you and thank you.

Tobin family — thank you to Bill for his astonishing New Hampshire State Seal Float. Swain family — you brought animals from your farm, thank you! Paraders — thank you for giving us a parade all enjoy as part of summer fun. Adding the library's children participants was joyful!

In the food department, thank you to Mountain View Church for setting up lunch barbecue and to the snowmobile club for lunch barbecue also. Thanks to Sanbornton Historical Society members for pancake breakfast that broke all previous records for patronage! Thanks for donations of quarts of maple syrup: Heritage Farm, Back Door Farm, Just Maple, Chapman Sugar House.

Thank you to others unnamed, and to the public, our townspeople, for turning out. We've set a date for next year: the fourth Saturday, July 23. We'll start meeting on first Mondays of months, in February, and more helping hands are welcome.

David Witham – Co-chair

Lynn Chong – Co-chair

Sanbornton Old Home Day

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