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Enough said here to question where Obama's loyalties lie

To The Daily Sun,

More Christians kidnapped by Isis, 250 of them. I shudder to think of what their fate will be. Death to be sure but how? Beheading, burnt alive, buried alive or some new atrocity designed to horrify the world's senses?

Obama must be golfing again as is usual response to these things. I don't know but that's my guess.

Then there are his excuse-rs that write here to the paper trying to distract folks from the issue by citing how terrible crusaders were hundreds of years ago or Christians during the Thirty Years War back in the 1600s. All irrelevant to today.

But why does our "Christian" president respond or not respond to these acts and why are these Muslims so intent on killing and murder? I've recently read a couple of things which might shed some light on these issues. An article written by Benjamin Weingarten, publishing manager of The Blaze, I found interesting. Weingarten wrote about his review of the book, "Honor Killing" by Daniel Akbari, a leading Sharia law graduate of the Tehran University School of Law. He describes Sharia as "generally antithetical nature of Islam to Judo-Christian society and specifically Sharia-dictated domestic violence toward women — up to and including honor killing." He also goes on to say. "Many things like beheading and stoning are not extremist acts these are pure Islam."

Whether or not those on the left choose to agree with the author's view, it appears the terrorists fundamentalists do.

As for the president's approach to the issue many wonder how an avowed Christian president can take the stands he does. To many it brings into question his true allegiance. A Mr. Mike Gallagher posted these interesting observations on the Internet.

Obama, speaking at an Islamic dinner, said, "I am one of you". On an ABC News interview, he referred to "my Muslim faith". He gave $100 million U.S. funds to build mosques. He wrote that, "In the event of conflict I will stand with Muslim". He assured Egyptian Foreign Minister, "I am a Muslim." Millions saw Obama bow in submission to the Saudi king. He exempted Muslims from penalty's under the ACA, which the rest of America must pay. He mocked Biblical scripture on the sermon on the mount while constantly referring to the "Holy Koran." He instantly threw his support to the plan to build a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero in NYC. He ordered both Georgetown University and Notre Dame to shroud all statues of Jesus. Appointed anti-Christians to his czar group. Appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

Obama said "NASA's foremost mission was an outreach to Muslim communities. H hung photos of Chairman Mao on the White House Christmas tree. He curtailed all military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists. He refused to speak out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture. He refused to condemn the Fort Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist. When questioned in India, he refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global jihadists but praised Islam. He funneled $900 million taxpayer dollars to Hamas. He ordered the U.S. Post office to honor a Muslim holiday with a new stamp. He ordered our Embassy in the U.K. to conduct an outreach to "empower the British Muslim community." He embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in its quest to overthrow Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Obama funded mandatory Arab language and culture studies in grammar schools across our country. He remained silent on Muslim Brotherhoods slaughter of Christians after Mubarak's overthrow in Egypt.

Well this is a rather rambling denunciation of the president and though I can't attest to the accuracy of every detail there is certainly enough in it to question whether it doesn't provide enough questions in the minds of people of where Obama's loyalties do lie.

Steve Earle


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Who owns the dogs in those 4 Union Ave. apartment buildings?

To The Daily Sun,

With the weather finally starting to turn warmer I decided on Sunday to take my dogs on a much needed long walk. For a change of pace I decided to walk the Union Avenue section between Laconia High School and Lakeport Square. Aside from the expected puddles and mud I was absolutely appalled to see nothing but dog excrement on the sidewalk in front of about four apartment buildings before coming to the light at the square.

Not only is it disgusting, unnecessary and unsanitary, but there is also a city ordinance against it. If you are going to own a dog then you need to clean up after it.

Responsible dog owners have already lost the use of the fenced area at Woodland Heights School due to the few irresponsible and careless dog owners not cleaning up. Unfortunately, now Public Works has to clean up the sidewalk while the offenders watch. In my opinion, they should look into who owns dogs there, and fine the landlords. Maybe the dog owners will learn once the fee is passed onto them or they are evicted.

Grossed out in Laconia,

Shannon Allain


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Selectmen will have to manage town day-to-day if #29 passes

To The Daily Sun,

Article 29 on the Moultonborough Town Warrant asks the voters to eliminate the position of town administrator and to forbid the Selectboard to increase the salary of, provide severance payment to or amend any agreement with the current administrator.

I do not believe that the petitioners understand the basic difference between a town manager with statutory powers and a town administrator who functions at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen. That is, the board gives directions to the administrator but all of the decisions are made by or at the instruction the Board of Selectmen, not by the administrator.

This critical position, if eliminated, would revert the duties assigned to the administrator to the Board of Selectmen. Basically, a volunteer board, that would be tasked with overseeing a host of departments and managing the day to day functioning of a town with a $2.7 billion tax base. This is a daunting duty at best and an unmanageable chore at worst for non-professionals.

Retaliation for perceived injustices can be a fickle passion that results in costly peripheral damage with unintended consequences. Decisions are made by the boards, which in hindsight might have been handled differently, but it would be erroneous to say that the performance of Moultonborough's administrators have not been of significant benefit to the town. Throwing out the baby with the bath water seems too Washington-esque for our town.

Twenty-six years ago I authored and promoted warrant articles to establish and fund a position for a town administrator. They received overwhelming support at that town meeting from voters across the spectrum. May those same thoughtful voters and fellow residents demonstrate a continued support for reasonable municipal governance and vote nay on Article 29 at this year's town meeting.

Natt King


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Let's reestablish railroad line between Laconia and Boston

To The Daily Sun,

Some thoughts and comments regarding rail transportation in N.H.

I suggest an account to be set up, at a local bank, for deposits to be sent to. This money would be used for funding rail transportation from Laconia to Nashua and Boston, with stops in Concord, Manchester, and Salem. The Hobo Railroad runs from Lincoln to Laconia and there are many businesses that will benefit from the rail transportation in addition to those communities to and from Boston. Perhaps N.H. Motor Speedway, Gunstock, Loon Mountain, Cannon Mountain, etc, could attract customers and arrange for their pickups in a company vehicle? 

Businesses and individuals could be asked to make donations to the bank account to help fund it. Perhaps those who donate could be issues discounts or rail tickets. Any donations  would certainly reduce the cost to the state. The request for donations should be sent to a bank with a check mad but to N.H. Rail Transportation authority or N.H.R.T.A.

Having rail transportation would greatly benefit this state in many ways: increased tourism, skiers, race car enthusiasts, possibly an increase in new businesses in N.H., retaining highly qualified workers, and an increase in highly qualified workers commuting from Mass.

I live in Loudon and would love to be able to commute from Concord to Boston's North Station. Traffic on Rte. 106 headed south in the a.m. and north in the p.m. is extremely heavy and the rail would certainly lighten the load. Also, it would probably ease the traffic during race weekends.

Marie Gray





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The facts about vaccines are out there, you just have to look

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter, Russ Wiles accuses me of an unprovoked attack on him and Dr. Moneysmith, two freedom-loving Americans. Wrong again Russ, the attack was on lies, lies about vaccines that put people and children in our community at risk.

You claim that you only want parents to be informed about vaccines but the majority of the medical community and the scientific community support my side, as does history. On your side are a bunch of quacks and nuts. You, Russ continue to lie about the dangers and effects of vaccines. You are like the wizard in the "Wizard of Oz" — blusterous and a blowhard basking in your own feeling of self importance, until the curtain is pulled back revealing a cowardly man.

I think you lie, Russ. Remember when you said, "Our mad president wants to bring hordes of Ebola patients to our shores." A complete lie. I am not sure if you lie because of a lack of morals, or you lie our of ignorance.

Let's look at your most recent letter. Look up vaccination in any medical dictionary, and you will see immunization right next to it. Look up Immunization and you will see vaccination next to it. Vaccines are indeed immunizations, Russ not very hard to understand. Yes Russ your comment, "vaccines are not immunizations " is totally ridiculous and ignorant.

Your next lie has to do with the recent outbreak of measles at Disneyland in California. You say that vaccines do not protect, because only 28 of 80 people were unvaccinated, meaning that 52 people who got measles had been vaccinated. This is a total fabrication of the facts. The reports from the California Public health Department do mention the 28 unvaccinated measles victims, but those were among the first 54 patients identified. Of those 54 patients, only 34 could have their vaccination records verified. Of those 34, 28 were unvaccinated, 80 percent were unvaccinated. Look it up, then please tell us were you got your statistics from.

As recently as February, the California Public Health Department revised those figures. Of the now 125 cases from the Disney exposure, 45 percent were unvaccinated, 5 percent had only one vaccination, only 6 percent had both vaccinations and 47 percent had unknown vaccination records. A far greater majority of the measles victims were unvaccinated. Again, ignorance or willful misinformation on your part Russ.

In Europe a study of 30,000 cases of measles in 2011, found that 82 percent were unvaccinated, and 13 percent had only one vaccination. The MMR is a very good vaccine with a very rare complication rate. The statistics paint a far different picture than the junk you are trying to sell us.

Next, I have to comment on your "CDC" whistleblower. Like a child opening a  box of Crackerjacks thinking that the toy in the box is a diamond ring, you feel that this whistleblower is the next big thing. All you anti-vaccinators are going to be severely disappointed, I'm afraid. Dr. Thompson, your whistleblower, was referring to a study done in 2004. This study found no link between the MMR vaccination and autism. Dr. Thompson had a question regarding a small subgroup of patients in the study who seem to have a slight increase in autism following the MMR vaccination. He wanted the authors to reinvestigate these numbers to see if a possible link occurred. These were African American boys ages 3-5 years old. You state that it showed a 340 percent increase of autism in African American children. Again that's not true. There was a 2.4 fold increase in these young boys. What does this mean? If 1 in 100 had autism in a control group, then a 2.4 fold increase means, the number was 2.4 per hundred in this group. Statistically significant? I think not.

First, these boys received their first MMR vaccination at either 24 or 36 months of age. The recommendation is to receive the first vaccination at 12 months of age. Secondly, these boys were involved in a developmental program which required participants to be vaccinated before entering the program. Many of these children were vaccinated after being admitted into the program.

Russ, did you even look at this? This came out in August 2014. Nothing has been done because there is no cover up. In fact, Russ, I'll remind you about that in August 2015 when still nothing will be done. In fact this is a quote from Dr. Thompson in a letter put out by his lawyer: "I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continued to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parents avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by the individual and societal benefits."

Does this sound like a whistleblower, who is upset about the CDC. He goes on to say, "My colleagues and supervisors at the CDC have been entirely professional since this matter became public." Does this sound like the CDC is trying to cover something up Russ? In fact the CDC wrote him welcoming a reanalysis of the initial study. The re-analysis showed no problem with the initial study findings. But you would not know this, spending all your time on the quack blogs you appear to frequent.

Your straw dog Andrew Wakefield, was expelled from the General Medical Counsel in Great Britain, and stripped of his medical license. He is no longer a doctor. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers, of ethical, medical and scientific misconduct. What a guy, right.

You do know that his co-authors have disavowed him and the study. The data he presented was found to be fraudulent. One author had this to say about Mr. Wakefield. "The autism-vaccine connection is perhaps the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years." Numerous studies have failed to show any connection between autism and the MMR vaccine. One cohort study can be found on Pub Med. If you are so inclined to Russ, looked at the data of over 1 million children found no connection at all. You want to inform parents, this is the information they need, not the nonsense you peddle.

A study by the Public Health Department from University of Pittsburgh published in NEJM this past November, looked at over 80 million infectious diseases from surveillance records from the 1870s to 2011. They concluded that vaccines for the eight most common diseases during this time saved 75 million to 125 million infections pretty impressive.

If you want to inform parents give the true facts. Facts Russ, something you seem to be immune from.

Mirno C. Pasquali


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