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NRA has millions of members; good luck trying to bring us down

To The Daily Sun,

Another day and another misinformed anti gun lefty. Robert Miller of Alton is another in a long list of writers to this newspaper who have no idea what they're talking about. He implies that the firearms industry "manufactures and distributes weapons to the bad guys." The only distribution by the firearms industry is to licensed dealers. All one has to do to verify that is to go to any manufacturers website and you will see that you are informed that you have to purchase from a dealer.

Background checks are another subject the left doesn't seem to know anything about. Apparently they ought to get out more as background checks are performed at all dealers and at auctions, etc. You can sell a gun privately without doing a background check which I personally choose not to do and I believe would be impossible to control.

The left always has to bring up "automatic weapons" and "assault rifles," neither of which are available for purchase by the average gun owner. You need to have a special license which requires a rigorous inspection of your background and the location where these firearms will be kept. The guns that they are referring to are semi-automatic, the same as pistols and some hunting rifles although their appearance is the same as assault rifles.

On a recent newscast on a leftist channel one of their so-called "news" people stated that all you had to do was press a button and a semi automatic can change into fully automatic mode. Calling him an idiot would be doing an injustice to all idiots.

As far as blaming the victims goes, the only suggestion I've seen put out by the NRA is that in the world that we live in today people should arm themselves for their own protection and protection should be in place at all "soft" targets. Along with that they also highly recommend that people who have no experience with firearms attend classes to educate themselves. These classes are made available by the NRA and their "terrorist" members. Now to the clever marketing ploy Mr. Miller brings up, I have to say he's looking in the wrong direction. Barack Obama is the firearms industries best salesman as every time he brings up gun control the sale of guns rises dramatically.

If Obama hadn't bailed out of Iraq and he had stuck to his "red line" in Syria, Isis wouldn't be the problem it is today and the world wouldn't be overrun with terrorists and refugees and people wouldn't feel the need to arm themselves for protection. The NRA has 4 to 5 million members and is growing, so good luck with trying to bring us down.

One last comment. I believe I've suggested this before but I will again anyway. Those of you who don't believe in the Second Amendment should make up signs that you can post in the windows of your homes and vehicles stating: "This is a gun free zone and please don't assist us as we will wait for the police." Keep in mind that when seconds count the police are minutes away.

Dave Schwotzer

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Please consider a donation to Belknap House, a new homeless shelter

To The Daily Sun,

As we sit around our Christmas trees, snug in our warm homes with our families this holiday season, let's not forget those who are less fortunate and homeless. Homelessness can have devastating effects on families, in particular, the children. The N.H. Coalition to End Homelessness reports Belknap County saw an increase in homelessness of 38 percent in 2015. Homelessness among families increased by 50 percent in Belknap County from 2013 to 2015.

Belknap House is raising funds to acquire and open a shelter at 200 Court St., Laconia, specifically for families during the cold winter months. We would like to thank everyone who continues to support our efforts and in particular, purchased Christmas trees from our tree lot on Court Street, Laconia. We would also like to thank Steve Weeks, of Coldwell Banker, for allowing us to use the space adjacent to their offices. A huge thank you to the Laconia Kiwanis for including us in their Christmas tree fundraiser and to Matt, the New Hampshire tree grower, for bringing down his fresh cut, beautiful Fraser and Balsam trees.

How can you help? Please consider contributing to our $25,000 Matching Fund Campaign. We need to raise an additional $25,000 to receive a match, by Feb. 14. Every dollar helps us to reach our goal. Please visit our website, www.belknaphouse.org and donate using PayPal or mail a check to 291 Union Ave., Laconia. Thank you for your support to families in Belknap County.

Colleen Garrity, President

Belknap House - Laconia

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