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Immune system theory ignores how vaccines actually work

To The Daily Sun,

According to the World Health Organization, there were 145,700 global measles deaths in 2013 and during 2000-2013, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 15.6 million deaths. But there is no vaccine for willful ignorance. Welcome to Melanie's Marvelous Measles brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity where we strive to keep the stupid in the news. Enter Rand Paul who is pandering to the "leave me alone" voting bloc. Rand says vaccinations should be largely voluntary as a matter of freedom. Did he say Freedumb? Paul makes the absurd claim, echoing debunked autism claims, that children have "wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines." Back in 2009 on Alex Jones' info-wars show, he claimed mandated vaccines are "the first sort of thing you see with martial law."

Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson is this week's super-sick sociopath. After receiving letters from parents of children who can't be vaccinated yet due to medical issues, Wolfson said other family's health issues are theirs, and he shouldn't have to keep his unvaccinated children away from other kids. "It's not my responsibility." Asked by CNN how he would feel if a child died because one of his kids infected them he said he would feel fine. "I'm not going to put my child at risk to save another child." Wolfson also claims that vaccinations probably cause leukemia. That's nuts!

Chris Christie was looking for a shot in the arm but shot himself in the foot instead. Although Mr. Christie claims he supports vaccinations he couldn't help but spread the autism BS and insisting that vaccinations should be a choice. It hasn't occurred to him that the recent outbreaks are due to willfully-ignorant parents that refuse to vaccinate their kids. This is the same guy who quarantined the "Ebola nurse" as a government responsibility. With the 2016 caucuses just around the corner, the Iowa state chair of Vaccine Liberation said Christie's remarks were helpful, because "some people put faith and trust in their medical doctors, rather than put faith and trust in God."

Glenn Beck claims that the measles outbreak is a government hoax. Of courser it is! Conspiracy psycho Alex Jones of Infowars claims that vaccinations caused the measles outbreak. America's Blowhard-in-Chief recently got a pants on fire award from PunditFact by blaming the immigrant children.

Wendy Callahan runs VaccineTruth blog says, "They're starting to get really upset with 'anti-vaxxers". Well buckle up, Wendy because the Guano is flying now. New York mandates vaccinations and California is set to end most of the exemptions that parents use. Forbes science writer Peter Lipson writes that anti-vaxxer doctors should lose their license to practice. Adding steam to the anti-vaxxer backlash are doctors who are now dropping families who don't vaccinate. Dr. Eric Ball, who employs 12 pediatricians and four nurse practitioners in Huntington explained that parents "do not want to see patients with measles or whooping cough in our waiting room for fear their baby might get sick from it." Kids are being barred from outings, birthday parties and school because of their anti-science, anti-vaxxer parents.

Recently, Bill Maher seemingly argued that when you get vaccines, your immune system stops reacting the way it should, and that can cause serious problems for a person's body. That opinion shows a complete lack of understanding of how vaccines work. It appears that Maher might have read the children's book, "Melanie's Marvelous Measles" by Stephanie Messenger (2012), which really says don't get vaccinated and just let your body's natural immune system do all the work. And who can forget Robert Kennedy, Jr., who is the Buffoon-in-Chief of vaccine junkscience who spread the Andrew Wakefield autism fraud. To learn why anti-vaxxers have no legal standing, read the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Also of note is that a federal appeals court just ruled New York state's requirement that all children be vaccinated in order to attend public school does not violate parents' religious rights.

James Veverka

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So many to thank for help with Gilmanton office emergency

To The Daily Sun,

When a disaster as large as what we experienced at the Gilmanton Academy happens it takes a lot of people to get to where we are today... a sense of normalcy.

I want to thank the professionals of Servicemaster of Merrimack. The initial crew was on site early Monday morning. The main crew completed the clean-up by the end of the week. Excellent work.

I want to thank the selectmen's office staff. In the rush to save as much as possible, from the water pouring from the ceiling, paperwork, files, etc. were placed under tarps. You sorted it out and organized it. Planning, assessing, building, administration. What an exceptional job.

To the subcontractors, Ogni electric, Baily's Heating, Tri-State sprinkler, Pine State elevator, Bill Booth Construction, Correia Enterprises. Thank you.

Thank you to the Gilmanton Police Department for security and monitoring the job site and modular.

I want to thank Arthur Capello,Town Administrator. Arthur was the "Clerk of the Works," managing the cleanup, meeting with the adjusters, subcontractors, and coordinated the transition to the modular.

My sincere apology should I have forgotten to mention anyone. I thank you all.

Selectman Don Guarino


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I don't know who called Obama our 'imperial president' but it was certainly apt description

To The Daily Sun,

Fox News, the company the left loves to hate. Someone must have sent out a notice to all the "progressives" telling them to write derogatory letters to the editor slamming Fox.

Peter Davis wrote one stating that he turned on a "newscast" on Fox and the first words he heard "Our imperial president". Apparently he immediately changed the channel as he stopped with that comment. I doubt that Mr. Davis knows the difference between reporting and commentary and opinion. He didn't say which "reporter" made this statement as then someone could check the veracity of his statement.

Fox News is definitely a conservative-leaning channel with many conservative commentators, but it also has many liberal commentators on its various programs. Most of the programs on Fox are discussion sessions with various emcees and guests and not news programs, although the topics discussed are many and timely. The programs that are news programs are titled as such and you won't hear any opinion on those programs just the news. Thankfully we have Fox as all of the network channels are leftist and omit anything from their broadcasts that might in any way prove harmful to the Democratic Party.

I wonder if we'll be reading any letters from the lefties about NBC's Brian Williams being caught in a lie and then when apologizing for it compounded it with another lie. He claimed he was on an aircraft in Iraq that got hit by enemy fire. That's lie one. And then during his trying to weasel out of the lie he stated that he had to suffer two harrowing nights on the aircraft in the desert which also was proven to be untrue. This is the No. 1 newsman on NBC, who the left fawns over.

In closing let me say that I don't know who called Obama "our imperial president", but I think it's an apt description that I totally agree with.

Dave Schwotzer


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All followers of Islam are not terrorists and all terrorists are not true followers of Islam

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Young, you guys just never give up, do you? Always trying to connect the president to some sort of controversy that would make him anti-American. Are you really trying to deny that those who practiced slavery in the South didn't hide behind religion, or the Crusades were connected to Christianity? The objective of the Crusades was to take back previously conquered Christian territory. I'm sure some of the slave owners would have called themselves religious people or Christians. They did live in the Bible Belt.

So, does that mean all religious people or Christians were slave owners or believed in slavery? I doubt it, and I never heard any sort of justification in the name of Christ for slavery or the actions of slave owners. As a matter of fact, slavery was almost outlawed before we even became a country on some of the earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence because we were a religious country. So using that as a basis, I feel, that is the reason President Obama will not use the two words together.

All those who practice Islam are not terrorists and all terrorists are not true followers of Islam. But those that promote jihad are the ones we have to worry about those are the real terrorists, no matter what religion they practice be it Christianity or Islam.

Jon Hoyt


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Many geniuses were 'cavemen, liars & fools' according to Mr. Veverka

To The Daily Sun,

During the time I lived in Europe for nearly four years, it was my joy to be able to see first-hand the masterpieces of men, such as Michelangelo's David, the Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel. This genius, and other artists like him, are deemed to be "cavemen, liars, and fools," according to Mr. Veverka because they credited their inspiration to God.

I also visited the remains of the concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, where six million Jews perished as well as millions of Christians — people of faith slaughtered in large part because they refused to bow their knees to Nazi rule. Are their surviving family members to suffer further humiliation and pain because of Mr. Veverka's lack of tolerance for others' beliefs? Does he get a good laugh over the thousands of Christians being tortured and killed in these dark days?

Most writers to this paper are grown-ups who do not need to shout loudly in print that they are somehow bigger, better, and smarter than the rest of us. Insults and name-calling ended when we were 10 years old, didn't it?

For the record, my family of "idiots" has managed to amass 10 college degrees, four Master's degrees, and two are doctoral candidates. None of us is homophobic and some even vote Democratic. The trouble with Mr. Veverka is that he is scared to death of anyone who isn't just like him.

I'll be sure to pray for him.

Linda J. Wood


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