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Biosolids are not safe and should be banned

To The Daily Sun,

We all want to save the farmland. The open land is what makes Gilmanton so wonderful to live in. I want Gilmanton to stay as close to what it looked like in the past. We have a Conservation Commission that has spent time and money to save parcels of land, for the entire town to enjoy. There are bio-solids being spread on some of them.

There are very few places left like Gilmanton, without industry, hospitals or large businesses.

By using bio-solids, the users have brought the industrial waste with heavy metals, hospital waste with pharmaceuticals, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and human waste with pharmaceuticals and bacteria, to Gilmanton, and have breached the trust of residents and exposed them and themselves to toxins known and unknown without understanding the health consequences. EPA and the distributing company cannot guarantee that the production process will be enough to protect us. The distributor admitted to not testing every bag. Environmental factors we cannot control and repeated application of the bio-solids will reverse the composition of the bio-solids back to pathogens, viruses and bacteria or another chemical soup mutation.

This will threaten our health, the health of our animals, air quality, wells/aquifer (which is our life force), the land and our property values. Our bodies will be in toxic over load from the accumulation of chemicals and illness will follow. We will be labeled a toxic town and lose everything we have worked for.

Why take the risk? Once ruined, you will not regain your health, or be able to clean up the land, or reverse the damage to the aquifer (wells) or the air. If the toxins breach the aquifer, it could move as quickly and to places never considered just like MtBE in gasoline did to other drinking water in other states.
Vote "Yes" to ban bio-solids, or you may have someone move in next door to your house who will have the right to spread bio-solids against your wishes. Bio-solids are not safe. It is about profit and not safety.

Do your own research. Google "ban bio-solids in NH" to read why Belmont banned bio-solids.

Other sites: www.thewatchers.us/book/sludge-biosolids.html Sewage Sludge or Biosolids by Jim and Gail Bynum 20 yrs of research


OSHA Sludge Safety
Standards (for workers)
After reading this article, ask why the public is not told of the danger.



Protect all of us by voting "Yes" on the Warrant Article to ban bio-solids.

Lainie Rosato

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I hope to be able to carry on David F. Cleasby's legacy of kindness

To The Daily Sun,

Well, the Grim Reaper got another one recently. This time, it was personal.

Dave F. Cleasby was my mentor. He was an older teammate and coached me in football. He did not teach me how to hustle; he refined it. He did not teach me how to laugh; he taught me how to laugh at myself.

Dave was a "good guy." Yes, he was sarcastic, but his heart was always in the right place.

When I think of all the people of Laconia who have helped me learn and grow, Dave is near the very top of the list.

Even though I never got to be a close friend of his, Dave's memory will always put a smile on my face. My hope is that someday I will be able to carry on his legacy of kindness.

Tom Emanuel


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