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Instead of 'Free the Nipple,' why not fight for a worthy cause?

To The Daily Sun,

Now people are having a problem with the free the nipple movement. Where were you all when we went to the Statehouse to try and make this a law, excluding breast feeding? We could have used supporters. Where did our respect for our bodies go or our morals or our respect for other human being? Has it gone down the toilet? This is not about breast feeding; it's about showing your breasts, going topless. The people of New Hampshire don't want it, ! know i don't!

Why the Weirs? Because it's a tourist attraction; a popular place for families to take their children?

Why not fight for a worthy cause, like our homeless, veterans, our children fighting for their life with cancer? Any one of them are worthy causes — like our heroin problem. We weren't brought up that way; We had respect for our body and for other people.

Bonnie Davis


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If you understand it, the science of climate change is beyond reproach

To The Daily Sun,

Reduction ad absurdum means presenting an argument, and then taking that argument to an absurd conclusion.

Tony Boutin's letter in the Daily Sun (May 8) is a prime example of this. He starts talking about the role of the internal combustion engine, its role in history, but then comes to the conclusion that if you believe in the science of climate change you advocate for a world were we would go back to an era, or horse and buggy, plowing with horses, etc. How absurd. He then says that I would not last seven days without products from petroleum products including the 30,000 products in the supermarkets.

Do you not know Tony, that I spent two years in Liberia, West Africa, in the Peace Corps, the majority of that time living without electricity and or running water, did not have a car, did not have access to a 30,000 product supermarket and actually l did quite well.

More importantly, however, is how Tony combines ignorance as well as dishonesty throughout his letter. The major contributor to the rise of CO2 in our atmosphere is from coal-burning power plants. This is where we can make the greatest difference. Going to renewable energy sources whenever possible, like wind farms, solar, and natural gas all seem to be easier on the environment than coal.

Texas, one of the big oil producing states, gets up to 10 percent of its electricity from wind farms. In addition, an article in the Dallas Morning News recently talked about how solar is ready to take off in Texas in the coming years. It was reported recently that Portugal had 104 hours were all the electricity was produced by wind power. Small changes Tony, we are not talking about going back to horse and buggy days, but apparently again reduction ad absurdum which you seem to be a master of.

When small countries like Portugal can make the commitment to climate change, than it seems that the United States can and should be involved in trying to solve this problem.

The science behind climate change is beyond reproach, or it is at least among the people who understand science, and trust those would make it their life goal to study it. The conspiracy nuts, and those with political bias seem to be the only ones who do not understand this. Ignorant, yes I think you are. Because something like the internal combustion engine was a great discovery it does not mean it cannot be tweaked or changed. Better fuel mileage, lighter and stronger components are all within our reach.

Because I believe in the science behind climate change, all of a sudden I am a leftist, against capitalism, a barbarian at the gate, whatever are you talking about. Again going to this absurd conclusion. It is interesting as I pointed out (Israeli) Prime Minister Netanyahu also is a big believer in climate change, I guess he also in your mind falls into the category of a leftist, anti-capitalist?

Talking to you, Russ and Don is like talking to a child. Facts mean nothing to the likes of you; name-calling and fanciful unbelievable theories are all you three have. The thing that makes America great is that we can all express our ideas, as part of our democratic process. To suggest that because a person does not agree with your printed nonsense, they should leave the country is against everything this country was built on. No, Tony I will continue to point out the nonsense that you like to spew.

Oh and by the way, a weatherman would not be making predictions into the year 2200; now, a climatologist might.

Mirno Pasquali

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