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St. John's Class of 1962 will hold reunion in September 2016

To The Daily Sun,

St John's Class of 1962 will be holding its 50th reunion September 2016 and organizers are looking for contact information for the following classmates:

James Greenwood, Steve Gigas, Diane Weeks, Denise Chatneau, and Cathy Emery.

Anyone with information on these classmates please contact Joanne Gustafson at (603) 455-7043, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joanne Gustafson


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I consider Carly Fiorina heart & hands above the other candidates

To The Daily Sun,

Some great letters here in Saturday's edition of The Sun. Made mine sound kind of, well not as good. We dragged Hillary up out of her mud soaked record and showed her for what she is, a self-serving, lying phony. Then there was that one anti-Trump letter that, well was shear mud slinging. But oh well, anyone who reads my letters knows I'm no Trump fan.

Still I have a comment to make to Republicans, conservatives and others such as the purists at National Review. Follow the Buckley rule, that is vote for the most conservative candidate who can actually win the general election. That person is the person who wins the nomination, not the most conservative, or religiously correct, or tells the best jokes. It's the one nominated. Now, in the primary I intend to vote my conscious and that will be for Carly Fiorina, whom I consider heart and hands above the rest. After that the signs on my lawn will support the Republican nominee because that person is the only one who can stop the Marxist-socialist nominee of the other party. The only one who can stop the nation's slide into chaos, bankruptcy, and totalitarianism.

Vote your conscience in the primary, but then for America in the national election.

Steve Earle


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