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Phil and Chris Wittmann (8-26) 345 PRO HEMINGWAY

To The Daily Sun,

Voters have a clear choice when voting for the nomination in the Republican Primary for governor. There is the establishment candidate Walt Havenstein, who seems to have come out of nowhere, and the conservative candidate Andrew Hemingway, who has lived here all of his life.

Andrew has built and sold two businesses in our state. Walt has been the CEO of a company who was hired to help implement Obamacare. Walt is endorsed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who helped get Obama re-elected with his hugs and praise. You can know a candidate by who their friends are.

Andrew is a vibrant young candidate who has clear and well-prepared plans to make New Hampshire a business friendly state to attract companies here with jobs. He will attract younger voters to the polls because he knows that education is very important and points out that after students graduate college here they usually leave the state for states that have good job potential. Andrew wants to bring jobs back to New Hampshire with a tax plan that will attract companies. He is also against the federal government taking control of our schools through Common Core.

Walt Havenstein said from day one, that he refused to talk about the social issues. He doesn't seem to realize that for every social issue there is a state bureau to deal with. Will he refuse to talk about those issues as governor? We do know that he is pro-choice and in favor of gay marriage. At a 912er's meeting in Rochester (at which Mr. Havenstein was not present) his campaign manager told me that Walt is a social moderate. We would say he is a social liberal. Andrew is a pro-life social conservative.

Walt Havenstein cannot beat Governor Hassan in the general election, but Andrew Hemingway will because he has clear ideas and has made them known. Not so Walt Havenstein.

Republicans and conservatives, if you want to win back the Corner Office in Concord you can do it by nominating Andrew Hemingway in the primary election.

Phil & Chris Wittmann


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You'll never see my name associated with Republicans for a Dem effort

To The Daily Sun,

Some folks have a problem understanding just what am I doing in the political arena since 1972. As we approach "the most important election ever", which is in November, first we have to have party primaries. My ballot, as it has always been, will be Republican.
When the dust settles after the primary you will not see my name associated with "Republicans for (Democrat's name)" efforts.
Griffin Dalianis, longtime important player in GOP circles, at least in his mind, and his wife Linda, who is a member of N.H. Supreme Court, has such an effort in the works as of yesterday. Four years ago, "GOP Grif", Republican Bernie Streeter, and long-time employee of Judd Gregg, Joel Mailola decided to be "Republicans for Lynch", the Democrat for governor.
GOP Grif has been a big supporter of George Bush, McCain, and Mitt Romney and now endorses Jeanne Shaheen. Obviously, either there is something in it for him, or he wants Extremely un-American Obama to have the votes for his agenda for the next two years.

Niel Young


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Mass has an energy problem. Do you feel it is also your problem?

To The Daily Sun,

In 2012, three foreign wind developers were pursuing ridge line development, around Newfound Lake, for 75 500-foot-high wind turbines. This coming on the heels of the completion of Groton Wind Farm. It was a "Gold Rush" of sorts.

Many saw it as a government pyramid scheme with federal money and no exit strategy required for developers. It was a sales pitch of all sales pitches.

Imagine pitching an idea to New Hampshire politicians: one that involves ruining New Hampshire's scenic view, jeopardizes watersheds, creates known health problems, lower property values, disrupts the wildlife and only works 15 percent of the time. Then inform them that none of it will be used or consumed in New Hampshire, because it's all going to Southern states. And in closing tell them every New Hampshire residents will pay for it.

Political suicide, right? So how do politicians skirt around these issues? They delay their decisions until after election periods in hopes it will not ruin their chances of getting re-elected.

It's a game to politicians.

We've demonstrated, voted, passed laws and voiced our opinions in hopes of showing everyone, including our elected officials, that our community is "not a willing host" for additional wind turbine development.

As governors from around New England meet — they see Massachusetts has a real energy problem. Do you feel it's your problem? Do you feel you should pay for Massachusetts problems? What other problems will we be expected to pay for in the future?

Ray Cunningham


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Stimulus plan & Affordable Care Act really have helped people

To The Daily Sun,

I have read letters from Cindy Cretian-Miller in both the Laconia Citizen and The Laconia Sun. I know nothing about Jeanne Shaheen's business interest, but I know a little bit about the time of the $787 billion stimulus plan.

At that time banks, the insurance companies behind the banks and the U.S. automobile industry were all in trouble. The stock market was below 7,000 and we were losing jobs at an alarming rate.

Today our financial institution are stable, the stock market is flirting with 17,000 and the private sector has been growing jobs every month since the middle of 2009. The U.S. automobile industry is alive and kicking. Thank you Senator Shaheen.

As for the so called "Disastrous Obamacare" please look at the numbers. Thousands and thousands of people without insurance now have insurance. They have a chance at better health care and now have a better chance at early detection of serious illness. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) saves lives.

Seniors should be cheering for the Affordable Care Act. It has extended the hospital care part of Medicare until 2030 instead of 2016. It helps seniors in the so-called donut hole with prescription costs. AARP articles state information about these benefits. There are lots more positive aspects about the successful health care act. Thank you Senator Shaheen.

Cindy, please take a look at the big picture. Take a look at the numbers. I hope you see why I agree with Senator Shaheen even if you have a different point of view. The stimulus plan and the Affordable Care Act really have helped people, and I am all for that.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (TILTON)

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Hemingway is brilliant young statesman & will be next governor

To The Daily Sun,

I was very fortunate to get invited by Don Ewing to a political rally last Friday. To me, the keynote speaker was the brilliant young statesman, Andrew Hemmingway, who most likely will become our next governor of New Hampshire.

Andrew was clear and direct to the point of our need for a dedicated manager, not another politician, to lead New Hampshire to the great success and progress that we need and deserve. There is no way I can present him anywhere near as well as he did, so I strongly suggest that you jump on any opportunity you get to hear him present his goals and objectives. His vision for New Hampshire's potential must be heard.

With brilliant young men such as Andrew working for us we will only get much better, in all ways. Thank you Andrew.
Jack Stephenson

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