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Don't forget Wedneday public hearing on Tilton Center St. Fire Station

To The Daily Sun,

The Tilton-Northfield Fire District must, in the not so distant future, discontinue using Tilton's Center Street Fire Station (built in 1867 and 1895). Residents of Tilton and Northfield are invited by the TNFD Commissioners to attend a public hearing to be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at the Winnisquam Regional High School Cafetorium. Options for new facilities will be outlined by the Facilities Committee, followed by time for comments and questions from those attending.

The TNFD Facilities Committee has been meeting approximately twice a month since the spring of 2015 to review the needs of our fire district professionals, their requests, and the needs of our two towns, now and decades into the future. The options to be presented to residents on Oct. 19 are the result of hours of discovery and discussion, keeping in mind the cost to taxpayers, the desire to preserve the excellent response times of our Fire Department, the large numbers of calls within our 41 square miles, the needs of our Fire Department professionals, and several other factors.

For those residents hoping to attend this public hearing, please consider touring the two stations in our district — on Center Street, Tilton, and on Park Street, Northfield. Our firefighters will be happy to show you around.

Tim Sattler, Chairman

Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS District Facilities Committee


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DiMartino will serve our children's needs with thoughtfulness & care

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to express my enthusiastic support of Lisa DiMartino for New Hampshire State Representative.

For years, Lisa DiMartino and I stood together as devoted mothers of students who attended Gilford public schools, and I watched with a sense of awe as she reached beyond her parental role into the realm of politics to serve our community with reason and compassion. As a writer, I'm inspired by words and I take note of meaningful quotations. When I think about Lisa DiMartino's role in our community, certain well-known quotations come to mind: "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

In my youth, when faced with those who were struggling under the weight of life's hardships, my mother often reminded me of this. The spirit of John Bradford's words embodies what most impresses me about Lisa DiMartino. Her dedication to the vulnerable — those devastated by the opioid crisis, children dependent upon our choices to receive suitable education and necessary community services, the elderly and disabled who require our care to experience a decent quality of life — is why we need Lisa to be an advocate in our community.

In her previous experience as a state representative, Lisa DiMartino demonstrated her commitment through her role as clerk of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. In addition, Lisa currently serves on numerous committees as a disability and health-care rights advocate.

As you mull over the candidates in the race for New Hampshire state representative, I urge you to consider a meaningful sentiment declared by religious leaders, politicians, and authors, alike: "A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its most vulnerable members." I am confident that Lisa DiMartino, who is dependable, persistent, and empathetic, will pay attention to the needs of the vulnerable in Gilford and Meredith while remaining attentive to budget restraints.

And finally, consider the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." The entire community is necessary to raise our children, and because parents and individuals cannot possibly take on every role, it's important that we support candidates like Lisa DiMartino who will serve our children's needs with thoughtfulness and care.

I'm thankful that Lisa DiMartino is part of my village, and I plan to vote for her for New Hampshire State Representative on Nov. 8.

Kristen Remick

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