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A major university is perfect use for the State School property

To The Daily Sun,

I've long held that the best, most desirable 200 acres in Laconia should be devoted to a major university. That would transform Laconia.
A beautiful campus on the lake would bring students, faculty, and administrators from around the world to the shores of Winnisquam. The city would be rejuvenated and transported to a new socio-economic level.
A rehab center will do none of that.
This is a once in a century opportunity.

Robert Ronstadt


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Treatment & recovery facility on that property is not what we need

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the article by Michael Kitch on Sen. Jeanie Forrester's proposal (which was approved by the Senate Finance Committee) to lease the former Laconia State School property to a substance abuse treatment/recovery facility. If Ms. Forrester was "unaware" that the City of Laconia was still "contemplating acquiring the tract," then she is out of touch with what is transpiring in local, Lakes Region, politics.
Without the attention and efforts of Mayor Engler and Sen. Andrew Hosmer, we {the people of Laconia} may have yet another unwanted use of this magnificent property shoved down our throats by politicians who think they know what's best for our community! Perhaps Ms. Forrester could listen to the needs and wants of the citizens within effected communities BEFORE she makes her proposals?
A substance abuse treatment and recovery facility on that property is not what Laconia needs, nor is it a use that I will support. And while we're on the subject of support, Ms. Forrester just lost mine.

Kim Weeks

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