We need a clean sweep in county administration; fire them all

To The Daily Sun,

Well folks I am sorry to inform you that as hard as the voters tired to fix our county government, it is more of a dysfunctional mess than ever. Haven't we had enough of this? How much more taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on legal fees? Last year because of this infighting it cost us many thousands and it seems we are heading there again.

I have been involved in this mess for over two years now. This is not something I asked for but I got dragged in due to circumstances. I have had ample opportunity to witness the inner workings of our county government, and it is a total mess. If you want a model of how not to run an organization, look at the Belknap County operation. The problem is one of leadership and management.

We elected two new commissioners and one was appointed due to a resignation. Before the election it seemed clear that changes were needed in the management, starting at the top with the county administrator. Our state representatives in the County Convention knew this, but they are powerless to do anything. This responsibility rests with the three commissioners.

Mr. Burchell and Mr. DeVoy both promised in campaigns to make changes in management. Mr. Taylor was appointed by the convention because it was thought he was on board with this after all the verbose letters he wrote in this paper pointing out that our county was being mismanaged.

The only one staying true to his word is Mr. Burchell. Mr. DeVoy and Mr. Taylor have done a complete about face and are now doing everything they can to protect the county administrator. I wonder why? The previous commissioners tried to do this with an insane (employment) contract that is a total farce, and is not in the best interest of the taxpayers of Belknap County.

Our county administrator has been in her position for about seven years and her tenure has been one bad decision after another. She in unqualified to be in this post and never has been qualified from day one. She was awarded this position merely by virtue of political connections and not by any objective measure of credentials. She is incompetent and tried to run the operation like her own little kingdom, doing things like hiring her pals to fat government jobs over other more qualified in-house personnel.

This has all been documented and our commissioners know this. It seems that cronyism is still alive and well in our county. The latest inclusion into the "good old boys and gals club" is attorney Paul Fitzgerald. He was asked to take care of the little bit of nasty business by overseeing the writing of the county administrator's contract and for that has been named counsel for the commissioners. Inclusion in this small clique at the cost of us taxpayers. Mr. Burchell was against this but again railroaded by the other two.

Now we read in the paper that the nurses at the nursing home are mostly part-timers and it is a revolving door where nobody stays. This was not the way it was a couple of years ago. The nursing home had a great staff of nurses who knew the patients they cared for and all their nuances. Then when the commissioners started fighting with the convention a couple of years ago our county administrator and the management staff decided to create an atmosphere in which failure was assured. The set a trap and when it sprung used this as an excuse to decimate the nursing staff and forced the resignation of two highly qualified full-time nurses. These two women had 60 years experience in geriatric nursing combined. The reason they did this is to use these two people as pawns in a game of politics.

At that time I called the management utterly despicable and I see no reason to change my opinion.

Our county administrator and the management staff at our nursing home do not care one bit for the residents of the home or for the hard-working staff. The only thing they care about is maintaining their own positions. They will lie and throw anyone under the bus who gets in the way. Selfish and self-centered they are and I fear that it is just a matter of time before a bad mistake is made, a resident is harmed, then watch the bottom-feeding lawyers move in for the kill, which of course we all will pay for.

We need a clean sweep. We are having problems in management. Discharge them all and find people who are qualified, experienced, with character, and who know how to create a team environment. Right now the working environment in the nursing home has been described as "a nightmare inside of a pressure cooker". One nurse said as she left that she had never worked in a more vicious place in her life.

I urge you all. If you value your tax dollars and don't want to see more wasted on stinking lawyers, to contact Mr. DeVoy, and Mr. Taylor and tell them to put this foolishness away. Our nursing home residents and we the taxpayers deserve better.

Gordon Blais


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Only thing that will save the middle class is 4% economic growth

To The Daily Sun,

Come on folks, lets be honest. The only way the less fortunate, bottom economic 25 percent of society can be made better off is by making the middle class worse off. Hillary Clinton can scream her enduring love for the middle class until until water runs up hill. The only way to raise the living standards of the less fortunate by any progressive formula is by lowering living standards for the middle class.
It is not what the Democrats say that is important, it is what they do. There is an abyss as deep as the ocean between the promises of the Democratic Party and what it delivers. By his own words, Obama's presidency was to be a transformational in the shadow of Lincoln. Stump speeches in 2008 promised the smoke-filled back rooms that so characterized Washington for the last 100 years would be replaced with transparent, open politics that would help heal and unite the nation.
Those were the promises. What the electorate got was Jimmy Carter, not Lincoln. The smoke-filled rooms turned into fog filled rooms. Promises to help heal and unite evaporated with the first light of day as Obama demonized and divided the country along every fault line from race to religion.
If the less fortunate are made more equal I can assure you with a guaranteed signature in my red blood it will not be done by making the rich, less rich. If that were possible Obama surely would have done it, and many before him. Obama's presidency only exacerbated the inequality divide. Hillary Clinton now talks of little else but inequality. Is that the new Democrat one-two punch election strategy? One president creates a disaster, then we should elect another from the same party to fix it? The great irony. Hillary says Obama has done a great job. She promises to keep pursuing his same exact policies that have set inequality on fire for seven straight years.
How many "donkey soaked", "sure to work", "promised to work ideas" of the Democratic Party have helped improve equality, even a SMIDGEN? Has Medicare solved the equality problem? Did Social Security improve equality? Did disability insurance improve equality. Has Medicaid improved equality? Have record welfare handouts produced equality. Have record unemployment benefits improved equality? Has Obamacare improved equality? Has higher minimum wages improved equality? Has increased regulation on just about every business in America improved equality? Has handcuffing business at every turn improved equality. Has higher corporate taxes increased equality? Has going into debt 17 trillion dollars improved equality? Did a near trillion dollar stimulus spending spree by Obama in 2009 cure inequality or reduce it?
The answer is not ONE of these "donkey fantasies" even scratched inequality. But these programs and policies sure slow the economy and investment. These were all sure-fire donkey ideas, promised over and over to IMPROVE EQUALITY. Brought to you by bellicose, arrogant, business-hating Democrats at every election dating back to the 1940's. Not one of those programs, that now cost TRILLIONS has improved equality one iota.
Now Hillary Clinton says, "just elect me ONE MORE TIME". I will save the middle class from extinction. I will tax the mean rich being the greedy bastards they are, while I take business out behind the woodshed for another good thrashing. That sounds exactly like Barack Obama vintage 2008, 2012 and 2105 to me. Does this country want more of Barack Obama's limping, 2 percent growth economy furthered under Hillary Clinton? That is what we will get if we do not change direction.
The only thing that will save the middle class is a 4 percent growth economy. That does not happen from increasing taxes, adding more strangulating, work rules, or thrashing business interests which is the only approach Obama knows and Hillary Clinton understands.
The problems of the middle class are the result of excess government intervention in free enterprise for way too many decades. Excess government is a "death wish" to a well functioning businesses community that is critical to middle class prosperity over the long haul.
Democrats have promised bigger, more generous government would solve everything for the last 75 years. It has solved nothing by their OWN ADMISSION that inequality thrives. Inequality flourishes after seven years of Barack Obama, and 75 years of the continuous expansion of governments role in the economy under Democrats from FDR to Obama. Who honestly thinks Hillary Clinton will change that direction, or that the outcome will be any different?
Tony Boutin

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Surely we could make better use of seldom used railroad corridor

To The Daily Sun,

After seeing the front-page picture of The Daily Sun of the two young girls playing on the railroad tracks along Paugus Bay, and then reading the response from the N.H. state coordinator of Operation Lifesaver, it made me wonder. Why not turn this state-owned land that has "admittedly seasonal and very rare railroad" usage into an active recreational corridor for our community?

Surely this land would be of much greater use and benefit if our residents and tourists could walk and bike (and fish) from Laconia to the Weirs. Wouldn't this make it much easier to complete the WOW Trail? I would think the Winnipesauke Railroad could continue to run from The Weirs to Meredith and beyond and everyone would be happy.

Jennifer Bailey

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Dave DeVoy is a gentleman. He is not crass, impulsive or vindictive

To The Daily Sun,

Seeing all the mud-slinging that is going on at the county offices we should ask ourselves: must our politics be so ugly that this boorish behavior is accepted? Each commissioner should look in the mirror and decide whether his behavior is advancing the county or just indulging himself and his ego.

Steve Nedeau apparently knew exactly what he would be faced with and, being the gentleman that he is, had no stomach for it. Who will want to serve if they have to spend their time dealing with pre-conceived notions, reactionary intransigence. and personal attacks?

Having run against Dave DeVoy for county commissioner, I can say unequivocally, though we disagree in many ways, that he is a gentleman. He is civil, not crass; thoughtful, not impulsive, and forgiving, not vindictive. After he was elected, he spent the time necessary to learn how the county operates and has acted accordingly as commissioner.

Dave Pollak

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It's the responsibility of local churches to provide for the needy

To The Daily Sun,

In his Letter to the Editor of last Nov. 18, L.J. Siden's assessment of Jesus' interest in and concern for the poor among us is well founded, but I think he missed a very important point. Nowhere in the ministry of Jesus does he suggest that it is the responsibility of the state — not the Roman State nor the Jewish State — to care for the poor and needy. Quite the contrary. Jesus places the burden of caring for those less fortunate directly upon the shoulders of those who believe in him.

When confronted by the 5,000 hungry people, he did not send them in the company of Peter to Bethsaida, so that the government could feed them. Instead, he told His disciples to feed them. So, too, in the feeding of the 4,000.

Jesus never suggested that the care for the needy was the responsibility of the government. It is the province of those who believe in him. Care for the poor has somehow, incorrectly, become a function of government. The preamble of the U.S. Constitution states that the Constitution is to "promote the general welfare," not provide services to all who seek them.

I believe it is the responsibility of the local church to provide for the needy among us. Tax dollars are not intended for this purpose. However, the government has usurped the ministry of the church by insisting on providing such services, be it fuel, food, clothing or medical care, to the detriment of the general society it is called upon to protect and serve.

If the church were left alone to do its work of ministry some good things would be the result: First, provision for the poor would be done far more efficiently and far less expensively, leading to a reduction in taxes. Second, churches would fill up, as people recognize the good work being done and rise to be of help. Society in general would then recognize the relevance of the church and its mission and there would be far less "Christian-bashing", be it in the press, as some recent over-the-top letters in The Sun suggest, or at Christmastime, when believers have to battle to have "Joy To The World" sung ad the local "Holiday" concert.

So, please look more closely at the ministry of Jesus and do all you can through the ministry of your local church, whatever its denomination, for the betterment of the world around you. And leave the government out of it, just as Jesus did.

Jim Barnes
Gilmanton Iron Works

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