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Hillary has had to disavow Bill's policies just to stave off Bernie

To The Daily Sun,

It's a truth. Bernie Sanders is not going to get the Democratic nomination. But Bernie handed Hillary the sword she used to slay every Bill Clinton-era democrat from Bean Town to Beach Town LA. It is no wonder Hillary's polls on trust worthiness have dropped every month since she declared her candidacy, while her negative persona rivals that of Trump. Two out of three of voters say Hillary is untrustworthy while she carries a 56 percent disapproval rating. Nothing like electing a president more than half the people believe is a liar and don't like. Lets all admit it. It has been the Bernie Sanders show from day one, even though Hillary is going to win.

Hillary came into office believing she was going to rev up the old Clinton machine of the 1990s. Not only didn't she rev it up, she has had to kill it off to stave off Sanders. Bernie has pushed Hillary over the "left field wall" into a socialist stench hole to stay alive. Whatever Hillary Clinton said or stood for in the previous quarter century has been burned at the Bernie Sanders stake. No one today knows exactly what Hillary Clinton stands for. She will say and be what ever she has to in order to defeat Bernie. Without overwhelming black support for Hillary, Bernie Sanders would defeat her easily. Middle class, white America does not support Hillary Clinton by majority.
Bill Clinton left office with the highest approval rating of any president since the 1940s. Hillary Clinton has spent the last six months in an effort to counter Bernie Sanders, screaming everything Bill Clinton stood for as president was a LIE, weak policy or simply phony.

Bill Clinton was the mastermind of the North America Free Trade Agreement with Mexico. Today, Hillary is the mastermind of total opposition to any free trade agreement with Asia or anyone else. Bill Clinton was the man who increased oil and gas drilling permits by more than 50 PERCENT, even as he embraced the Kyoto protocols. Today Hillary is loudly opposed to the Keystone pipeline, opposes all offshore drilling permits, all while she vigorously opposes fracking, which has brought the price of gasoline down to less than $2 a gallon — helping the poor and middle class while creating tens of thousands of high paying jobs. Bill Clinton reformed welfare like no other president in history, removing millions of people from the dole forcing millions to take jobs. Today Hillary opposes all welfare reform. Bill supported plans for Social Security reform to improve solvency. Today Hillary not only opposes reforms she wants the insolvency increased with larger handouts. Bill supported a $5.15 minimum wage. Today Hillary thinks $15.00 is too little. If Bernie says he supports $20, Hillary will support $21.. The minimum wage has become a " FARCICAL BIDDING WAR" between Hillary and Bernie for minority votes.
Lastly, Bill Clinton announced to huge applause more than once: "THE ERA OF BIG GOVERNMENT WAS DEAD." Today Hillary Clinton is announcing "big government" is not only not dead, it is back open for business. She promises it will be bigger and better than ever, in essence screaming everything Bill Clinton said was a FRAUD, and he was a HUCKSTER. If any woman could be convicted for murdering everything her husband stands for, Hillary would be swinging from a gallows rope in the public square today.

Tony Boutin

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Everyone invited to play bingoto benefit the Children's Auction

To The Daily Sun,

I want to invite the public and thank Patrick's Pub in Gilford for hosting Pub Mania bingo games on Sunday, May 1, beginning at 3 p.m. Lucky game winners will be awarded prize packages with a total value of over $2,000. A $1 donation per game card is requested. There is no admission fee. Proceeds will benefit Pub Mania and the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction.

With only three playing cards to cover on each game card, the games will move along quickly. Just in time for Mother's Day gift-giving, prizes will include two chances to win a one-night stay offered by Mill Falls at the Lake, aerial treetop adventure excursion tickets at Gunstock, a Mother's Day lunch at Lyons' Den Restaurant, massage certificates and a variety of gift cards for restaurants, food, local services and products.

Gift certificates and prizes will be awarded from Angels in the Attic, Cascade Spa, Center for Therapeutic Massage, Country Carriage, Crazy Gringo, Dairy Queen/OJ, Fratello's, Funspot, Giuseppe's Pizzeria, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Heaven Scent Design Flower & Gift Shop, Kellerhaus, Laconia Car Wash, Laconia Pet Center, Lee's Candy Kitchen, Looney Bin, Lyons' Den Restaurant & Tavern, Mill Falls at the Lake, O'Du's, Patrick's Pub, Sal's Pizza, Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Scentsy by Eileen Burnell, Shaw's, Shooter's Tavern & Pizzeria, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, T-Bones/CJ's, Walmart, and The Wine'ing Butcher. Tickets for a 50/50 cash raffle will be offered.

Visit www.patrickspub.com, the Pub Maniacs Facebook group page, or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 493-9524.

I'm so proud to be part of Pub Mania events that have raised in excess of $1 million in the last seven years for Lakes Region children and families. Maybe we'll see you at the Pub Mania Shuffles at Patrick's at 6 p.m. every Wednesday, now through June 8. It's a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors, win some neat prizes, and give back to your community. Pub Mania teams are already preparing for the eighth annual Pub Mania to be held on Dec. 8-9 at Patrick's.

Stay tuned, folks.

Judi Taggart
Tagg Team Pub Mania Team

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