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I have a right to protect myself; I'm going to guy 3 firearms

To The Daily Sun,

The Democrats are having a sit in for gun control. They want to control my ability to defend myself, my family and property.

There was a terrorist attack in Orlando. He, like all terrorists, wanted to kill, maim and hurt as many people at possible. He bought the guns and ammunition legally.

Does anybody think that a law against buying a certain gun would have stopped him? Would he have bought a less lethal gun? No!

He would have bought them illegally, leaving we law-abiding citizens without the same protection.

Does anyone think that someone who is intent on murdering people (we do have a law against that), would stop at not breaking another law?

Terrorists will use anything to kill and hurt as many people as they can. I can hide from a terrorist with a gun. I can run. If they use a bomb, I would be in a worse situation.

Do you think they might use something more devastating? In the past they have used guns, bombs, machetes, cars, and yes, even planes.

Hillary, Obama, they have security to protect them. When the Secret Service puts their guns away, then they can talk to me about my guns.

I do not own a gun presently. I have a security system in my home as there was an attempted break-in.

I have a license to carry and will be taking gun safety classes before buying a gun. I plan on buying a shotgun, a handgun, and a rifle. I have the right to protect myself. The Constitution gives me that right and I am not going to let the federal government take that away from me.

The wealthy can have security who carry guns, but law-abiding citizens should not have them? U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel said he and Congress deserve the right to have a protection. What makes the rich allowed to have protection and not us regular citizens? What makes our representatives in Washington, D.C., think they are better than us?

A few months ago, the police chief of Washington, D.C., said in terrorist situations, people need to be able to protect themselves. There was an uproar. Police may take time to get to the situation. In the minutes for the police to get there many people will be killed or hurt.

We need classes to protect ourselves. The Laconia Police had a class. But we need more. The state is going to give New Hampshire state employees classes to protect themselves in these situations.

I want to be able to attend that class.

In Orlando, people hid in the restrooms. The terrorist went in there. We need to learn how to prevent someone from coming in a door with no lock. I was told fire extinguishers are great to protect. I want to be shown. We need this ingrained in our brains so if this happens, we do not need to think, we can react correctly to protect ourselves and others.

But what is most important is that law-abiding citizens should be able to carry a gun. These mass shootings were in gun-free zones. There was one off-duty police officer that tried. But he was alone. Do you think if there were more law-abiding citizens, there would have been so many deaths and injuries?

When the no-fly list started there were 400 people and now there are over 7,000. Senator Ted Kennedy was on the list and it took him six months to get off. A citizen would have to pay legal fees to get off the list. About 1,000 Americans are on the list. A law-abiding citizen should not have to pay legal fees to get off a list he does not belong on to buy a gun.

Both the watch list and no-fly list are government lists. I do not think the names on it are public. Do you want the government to have lists that will define what we can do and we have no access to it? We have no idea we are on the list.

The federal government wants to let in people from terrorist countries and they cannot guarantee that they are not terrorists, yet they want to try to keep guns from Americans.

The terrorist watch list has over 70,000 names on it. How many innocent Americans are on it?

Why do the feds want to prevent innocent Americans from buying guns and yet let in terrorists?

Why are our borders so porous? Why is the person who tried to shoot Trump from Europe and he overstayed his visa?

Drug dealers are arrested with guns that the serial numbers are taken off. There is a federal law against possessing these guns. But what do the federal prosecutors do? They make a deal with the drug dealers and the gun possession is not part of the prosecution and the dealers agree to possession and sale. Saves on court trials. Then when the government wants to let people out of prison, there is nothing mentioned about guns so it is not a violent crime and they are let out early. What a scam?

Take away guns from legal and law-abiding citizens and drug lords get a free ride with illegal guns.

The liberals change the subject. A terrorist killed and injured many. Stop the terrorists. Stop them coming into the country. Stop Americans from becoming militant in some of these mosques.

The Orlando terrorist was friendly with a suicide bomber who went to Syria to ignite the bomb and kill.

Most mosques have law-abiding citizens, but some are radical and need to be watched.

So typical of the liberals to change the subject from what really is the problem.

Linda Riley



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My parents taught me the importance of hard work & service

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Ryan Smith and I am a candidate for state representative for Merrimack District 3, which consists of Northfield and Ward 3 in Franklin. I am running to represent you in the House because I believe that political turmoil and partisan gridlock have made our state government less responsive to our needs. We can do better. We deserve better.

I promise you that as your representative I will work to protect the New Hampshire advantage, fighting for a limited and effective government that protects our basic rights as citizens while staying out of our way as we decide how to live our lives. Government is not our parent. Too many in Concord have been acting as if they think it is.

My parents taught me the importance of hard work and service, values that served me well at Winnisquam Regional, Saint Anselm College, and activities, including hockey and baseball. Growing up in Northfield was a blessing. With rivers, mountains, and lakes just short drives away from our tight-knit community, I was able to fully enjoy the natural beauty of New Hampshire. This is the place I want to raise my family. Unfortunately, too many of our friends and neighbors, especially young families, are leaving the state. The economic opportunities our parents and grandparents enjoyed are slipping away.

In the House, I will focus on reforming our education system, cutting the bureaucracy and red tape that stand in the way of starting new businesses, and confronting head-on the substance abuse and mental health services crises. In short, I want to help ensure that the next generation of Granite Staters has the opportunity to live, work, and thrive.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you in the months ahead as I campaign across Merrimack District 3. Contact me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Facebook at @NHRSmith.

Ryan Smith



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