It was a very rewarding experience to be a 'celebrity' dancer

To The Daily Sun,

I just had one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities of my life as a "celebrity" dancer with the Lakes Region Dancing with the Stars and I want to say Thank You.

I want to thank Laura Brusseau and Ashley Halsey for their incredible dedication, guidance and hard work in bringing this fun event to the Lakes Region. I need to thank Sue Nicholas, my "professional" dance partner for her direction, friendship and ability to help me stay on task during rehearsals. I thank the other "celebrities/professional" dancers who worked hard in practice, raising funds and showing me how to have a little more fun. I was blown away by the young dancers from our local dance companies that truly entertained us throughout the night. Finally, I am thankful to all the folks who supported my quest to raise money for the Greater Meredith Career Partnership Program.

This program which offers our students job shadows, internships, brings guest speakers  into our schools and more, is successfully overseen by Ally Duffield and we at the Greater Meredith Program and Inter-Lakes High School are extremely fortunate to have Ally as our executive director. With the help of many and my incredible ability to dance, the Greater Meredith Career Partnership Program will be awarded a check for more than $8,000. That is outstanding ... It is really great to be a part of a winning community. I thank you.

Chris Kelly

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Lots of people & businesses to thank for success of 14th Craft Fair

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of The Lakes Region General Hospital Auxiliary I would like to extend our appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of our 14th Annual Fall Craft Fair held at Laconia High School. Once again we were able to fundraise the necessary amount to continue to provide comfort bags to breast cancer patients in the LRGHealthcare Breast Health Program. Our goal was attained thanks to the many customers who attended, and the combined efforts of auxiliary members, LRGHealthcare, several local businesses, many friends of the auxiliary, and finally our generous vendors who not only pay a fee to participate but the many that also donate items to our raffle.

We need to acknowledge the wonderful cooperation and support of the Laconia School Department and Laconia High School staff. Our special thanks goes to Jen O'Reilly, Steve Dalzell, Craig Kozens and Jeff Twombley.

We would like to thank the following businesses for assisting us with either a raffle donation, advertising, publicity or parking: Northeast Communications Corp., Jeff Levitan; Fred Caruso; Pat Kelly; LRGHealthcare Public Relations and Marketing; Gator Signs; Piche's Ski and Sport Outlet; Gilford Well; LiSachas; Mark Dickson; Airport Deli and Country Store; Lakes Region Floral Studio; Cormier's Sugar House; Roche Realty; Caldwell Realty; Melcher and Prescott; The Home Beautiful; The Taylor Community; Trustworthy Hardware; Kitchen Encounters; Kellerhaus; Proctor's Lakehouse Cottages; Patrick's Pub and Eatery; Cantin Chevrolet; Lakes Region Party and Gift; Interlakes Family Medical Practice; The Laconia Clinic; Hillside Medical Park; Frank Roche Realty; Joanne Parsons, Manager, AutoZone; Sacred Heart Church; AutoServ Tilton; Laconia Department of Public Works; Sawyer's Dairy Bar; Madeira; Meredith Village Savings Bank; Trellis Management Co and Pepi Herrmann Crystal.

Special acknowledgement is extended to the volunteers who stood out in the cold for hours to help direct parking. We need to offer our sincere appreciation to Armand Bolduc and Bob Hamel for their assistance.

In addition to vendor space rental charges, our craft raffle and bake sale helped us reach our financial goal. Many thanks to the dozens of people who offered to bake or made a donation in lieu of baking. Thanks again to the vendors, individuals and businesses that donated an item to our raffle.

Finally, our sincere thanks goes to the volunteers who worked long and hard on the day of the event and to the members of the planning committee.

Barbara Tuttle. Chairman

Fall Craft Fair Committee

LRGH Auxiliary

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Look at Darwin'slife; his motive was a rebellion against God

To The Daily Sun,

In response to James Veverka's letter of Nov. 5, "Creationists actually believe Earth is only thousands of years old," Jim is correct in stating that I am a young earth Creationist. I'm not a gap believer as a recent writer proffered in his wonderful letter. It's a small difference in this discussion. I wasn't there so I really don't know as some claim to. So I believe what God says in the scriptures. He was there. Over the years I've written a fair amount concerning this and probably will write more in the future, but I won't at this time.

Jim's letter was a response to a letter I wrote, that appeared in the Nov. 4 addition of The Daily Sun, which was a response to E. Scott Cracraft's column of Oct. 27, Faith Philosophy & Science. My purpose was to expose the device that evolutionists almost always use to promote the theory of evolution in the public eye by associating it with the Copernican revolution and to address the claim that evolutionists make that they are merely following the evidence. Not at all to my surprise Jim didn't respond to any of that, but rather focused on my fairly well known Creationist belief. The tactic is to appeal to the public consensus that a creationist view is outside of serious conversation and that anything that I say should be dismissed. This is a tactic so many on the left use in various forms to avoid having an actual intellectual conversation, while claiming intellectual superiority. Thus he figures he's off the hook in accounting for the deficiencies in the evolutionary model.

I have been highlighting intelligent design in my past letters in response to evolutionists' claims that evolutionists are merely following the evidence. Here it becomes clear that they are not. Listening to actual debate between scientists who are proponents of I.D. and those who are evolutionists it breaks down like this: The evidence seems to support the intelligent design view, the evolutionist have the consensus view and they make the rules. The evolutionists end up looking silly admitting that they haven't demonstrated that evolution can account for what the I.D. scientists describe as Irreducible Complexity, but ask, give us more time we're working on it. The evidence supports intelligent design.

I'm going to turn philosophical here. One of the foundational claims that Darwin makes in support of the theory of evolution is that nature does not actually give us evidence of design but merely the appearance of it, that everything that we see in living things that look like design can be explained by natural selection. He presents physical evidence of only variation in kind in all of his studies. He is aware of and admits the problem of the abrupt appearance of complex life forms in the Cambrian explosion and the lack of any transitional form in the fossil record that would show the transition from simpler life forms to these animals. Whatever it was that prompted him to posit this "appearance of design" hypothesis, it wasn't the evidence.

If you study Darwin's life it's not at all a stretch to posit that his motive was rebellion against God, his creator. This rebellion against God and not the evidence as evolutionists ignorantly claim is the salient trait of the theory of evolution to this day. That many Christian denominations endorse this theory is a testimony to just how compromised much of the church has become.

Jim is always recommending websites. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in sorting this thing out watch Ben Stein's movie "Expelled — No Intelligence Allowed" on YouTube. It outlines the controversy and introduces you to some of the prominent players on both sides of the debate.

John Demakowski

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Who keeps bringing up idea of senior housing in Sanbornton

To The Daily Sun,

In March 2005, the taxpayers of Sanbornton voted to repeal the Senior Housing (Article 4Q) ordinance; so why is the Sanbornton Planning Board and Town Planner currently trying to resurrect this ordinance? How many times must the residents of Sanbornton have to say "no" to this ordinance?

It would be interesting to find out who submitted a formal request or a petition to have the Planning Board spend its valuable time working on this project? It seems that our planner's time could be better spent on more-demanding issues during his 20-hour work week.

Just a note, over the years while the ordinance was in force the town has had two failed attempts at senior housing. One project was the responsibility of Sanbornton Senior Housing Corp. Inc., and the other was a private enterprise, which did not work out.

It should also be noted that a petitioned warrant article (#13) was voted on at the 2014 Town Meeting called for the selectmen to appoint a committee to develop a senior housing plan for the town and that article failed to pass.

The taxpayers have already spoken on this issue. They are not in favor of spending additional taxpayers money on further elderly housing studies by our town boards.

Bill Whalen

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We have been the terrist in less on-the-map places than Paris

To The Daily Sun,

I heard President Obama's phrasing "on the civilized world," while lamenting the attack on Paris. All the turmoil and death and wounds are lamentable. At the same time, for years our unmanned drones have accidentally killed civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The numbers are huge. They usually warrant some small corner of our newspapers' pages. Well, I mean warrant, as in "assure," not deserve, but that's what the regular news of dead civilians gets if it's not Westerners in our civilized world. We don't think much about it.

President Jimmy Carter has said, "We don't know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these attacks ... This would have been unthinkable in previous times." We have bombed wedding parties, villages — a New York Times report about 14 terrorist leaders killed by drones includes Pakistani sources indicating the same strikes killing some 700 civilians. "This is 50 civilians for every militant killed." It starts to be a story reduced to math.

While we care mightily for the war slaughter that has just happened in very civilized Paris, we are off-base not to care that we have done the same. With our regular drone attacks, we have been the terrorists in less on-the-map places that are people's homes where loved ones didn't get the lives they might have had. In a logical way, war begets war, and we have let the war industry become a very big player.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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