Thank you Andrew, the world needs many more people like you

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I inadvertently caused my camera to fall onto the street without my being aware. I was taking photography equipment into a facility needed for our River Crew Art program. The camera remained in the street until spotted by Anthony Camaione, who drove by several minutes later. He noticed we were inside the facility, came to the door, and asked if the camera was ours.

In a world where many people are thinking only of themselves, Andrew's concern was to find the rightful owner which he did. He could have easily kept the camera.

This camera is the backbone of our volunteer efforts with River Crew Art, as well as with my volunteer photography with Lakes Region Disabled Sports and Eastern Adaptive Sports, two snow and water ski program for those with disabilities. Without this piece of equipment, the programs would have been severely curtailed.

I applaud Andrew for his fine character, personal integrity, and honesty. The world needs many more Andrews.

Dick Smith


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TIme for new Gilmanton administrator to stop blaming others

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton taxpayers:

In early July I left my position as the town administrator for the town Gilmanton. Since leaving, many accusations have been leveled against me. Most, if not all of them, have been inaccurate or misrepresented by the current town administrator.

I was accused of having the current town administrator sign a contract which the current Board of Selectmen has chosen to void, claiming a lack of funds in the budget line. This is an inaccurate statement, as the selectmen can and do move funds at their discretion from other places within the budget.

To my knowledge, the town has received reimbursement from the insurance company for the $2,000 I received for managing the rebuilding of the Academy after the flood.

I have been accused of illegally receiving administrator e-mails after I had left Gilmanton. I am the one who alerted the new town administrator of this error, not the other way around, as he claimed. I still have the e-mails that were exchanged with him.

There have been many inaccurate statements made regarding issues within the Selectmen's Office. Apparently it is easier for the new town administrator to place blame, rather than taking ownership of his own mistakes.

In the article dated Nov. 24, it was stated that one of the reasons for such a huge tax increase in Gilmanton was because "I may have under-estimated the (2015) revenue." I have no way of knowing if this statement is true as I do not have all the numbers available to make a determination. What I do know is that the new town administrator apparently did not do his due diligence in comparing last year's revenues to current year's revenues. Had he done so, the discrepancy in revenues would have been immediately realized and the proper adjustments would have saved the Gilmanton taxpayers on their tax bills. The proper procedure would have been to verify the revenue figures before allowing a new tax rate to be set. An experienced town administrator would have done this. However, the current town administrator failed to do so.

At some point, the executive office will need to stop blaming past employees for current mistakes and take ownership. This year the large tax increase cannot be blamed only on the school. This year the town tax rate went up $1.41 per $1,000 which represents a 34 percent increase on the town (municipal) side alone.

The very sad part of this is that an increase of this magnitude could have been avoided had the revenue been verified by the current town administrator. In my opinion the town administrator should also have advised the Board of Selectmen to use a portion of the undesignated fund balance to lower the tax rate, but he neglected to do so.
Arthur Capello

Former Gilmanton Town Administrator


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Alana Persson - Let's not be silenced by problems and tragedies

I am a member of the Laconia High School Class of 2015. After graduation I began traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe as a cast member with the international non-profit organization Up with People. This organization has been around for 50 years, working to bring people together through music and service. Throughout these months I have been exposed to many different international issues that I had been ignorant of at home. It has become apparent that the mission of Up with People is no less relevant now than it was when it began in 1965. Rather, in this current time of fear and change, our positive message is needed more than ever. Let me tell you why.

I was five years old when the twin towers fell, changing the world I grew up in. I walked into airports with high security, heard racist remarks stemming from fear of future attacks, and watched my friends' parents get deployed to fight in the War on Terror. This was the first taste of terrorism I ever had experienced, but sadly was not the last.

The attack on Paris came as a horrible shock to me and to my cast of young people from 20 different countries. In our show, we sing a song called ''I Will'' that promotes hope and inspires us to do something about the issues we witness. We held signs during the song on November 14 that read, "Je suis Paris", "I will stand up against acts of terrorism," "I will not be silenced by fear," and "Never forget 9/11." The crowd gave us a standing ovation and the cast cried as we watched tears run down our audience's faces. This was one of the most powerful moments of my life because it showed that the positive connection between people is so necessary during times of tragedy.

In recent days, the threat of terrorism has increased in places like Brussels, Belgium, which happens to be the city we were supposed to be visiting this week. Unfortunately, due to the increased threat level, we were not able to visit Brussels, as it would put the cast at too much risk to enter the city. Thus, still in Vaduz, Lichtenstein for an undetermined amount of time, we have decided to take action.

Alongside other passionate cast members, we have chosen to speak out against acts of terrorism by promoting love and hope among people, showing that underneath our differences we are all human. We are working to make a video using cast members, as well as alumni and communities from around the world, stating the message that we will not be silenced during this time of fear. Additionally, we are writing to past host families, governments, local communities, refugees and schools trying to promote awareness of the issues that are going on, while promoting a peaceful way of approaching and resolving these conflicts.

I ask that as my local community you join me in trying to promote positive ways to bring humanity together and fight against acts of terrorism with positivity and love. Small acts of kindness, like opening your home to those in need or donating to organizations will help to promote positive connections between people. Additionally, I think it is so important to try to understand why these acts of terrorism are occurring and spread this informed awareness to others.

I will not be silenced by the problems and tragedies that are presently facing the world today; I will speak out and try and find solutions. I hope you will join me.

(Alana Persson is a Laconia resident currently touring in Europe with Up With People. During her years as a student at Laconia High School she worked at The Daily Sun as an editorial assistant.)

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Will our country be led by those who freely fear-monger?

To The Daily Sun,

Those of us who are Christians will soon be celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus — the Jesus who advocated for the poor, the disenfranchised, and the pariahs of society. In rejecting people from other countries who are desperately trying to escape tyranny, are we emulating or practicing agape (defined as showing the love of God for humankind)?

Will we be part of the process of setting these people free from oppression? Or will we be led by those who freely fear-monger and exhibit outrageous behavior? Will we stand by those who live by fear and who make outrageous and offensive statements that show no sense of decency?

Will we quietly let self-appointed vigilantes continue to denigrate all refugees? Will we allow a "mob mentality" to stain all that we believe in? Or are we going to show the world who we are by the example of practicing our faith?

May the peace of Christ be in our hearts and minds this Christmas season. May we have the courage to do the right thing for all of our fellow humans. May we put aside selfish cold-hearted thoughts and desires and be an example of God's love.

Bernadette Loesch


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Science, I believe, will continue to be as corrupt as it is today

To The Daily Sun,

Some time ago I believed and wrote the same, that the evolutionary paradigm would not yield until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. After considerable investigation into the intelligent design movement I no longer believe that that is the case. The scientific evidence supports the intelligent design model. There is a core group of scientists who seems determined to soldier on until the evidence wins the day. The paradigm will shift.

I'm not so sure that this will be the good news for the Christian church that one might expect. Had the paradigm shifted some time ago or even if it were to shift today, even with the eroded state of our constitutional protections today, it might be enough to resurrect real First Amendment protections of freedom of religion. That would be a good thing. But I'm afraid that it won't happen that way.

Science, I believe will continue to be as corrupt as it is today, and as it has been co-opted for political purposes today in climate change, and in the theory of evolution, so will this science be co-opted to prop up the one world false religion that will require the worship of the false Christ at the threat of death to those who refuse. It will be used to prop up a theocracy like that which conservative Christians have been falsely slandered of promoting; only it will be a false religion.

Those who support the consensus view today, who are deluded into thinking that they are avant-garde, when they are really merely supporters of the status quo; will themselves become vigorous supporters of this new paradigm as if they knew it all the time. It's what they do.

Many saints will be martyred at this time, and then the Lord will return in the clouds as he said.

John Demakowski

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