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Much of our society is now only interested in the concept of, 'what's in it for me?'

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Jim McCoole, and I am pleased and honored to announce that I will be on the Belknap County District 3 Republican ballot for Laconia, for the state House of Representatives on Tuesday, Nov. 8. I will be joining three other fantastic Republican candidates on the ballot, also from Laconia, and I ask, with respect and great humility, that you vote for all four of us.

Why am I running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives? Many people I know, who have grandchildren and great-grandchildren, have told me that they think that, among other negatively trending matters, our society is engaged in a massive "culture war," with the media, academia, and other politically far-left influences, teaching that the old family values we grew up with shouldn't apply to us anymore. The values our grandparents held so dear for the future lives of their families have been drastically changed over the past 60 or so years.

But what has actually changed about it? Has the love for our parents or families changed? Have our hopes and dreams for our children and grandchildren changed? What has changed? The answer is very simple: man has changed. Many people's attitudes toward what is important in their lives has drastically changed, to the detriment of society as a whole.

Much of our society is now only interested in the concept of "what's in it for me?" It's like they're saying, "What matter's most to me is adding to my collection of 'stuff!'" What has happened to our human value of "...what can I do to help you..." What has happened to the best of humanity's sense of what was most important to past generations?

Most of our grandparents and great-grandparents demonstrated their love of their fellow man by seeking out ways they could find to help others, and not just wait to be asked. To use a biblical concept, they sought out the "dirty feet" in their midst. Just as Jesus washed the feet of all twelve of his disciples on the night before his crucifixion. He was demonstrating that the most important thing any of us can do, is to serve others in ways that benefit them, not us! And to do so without any consideration of reciprocal acts in return. Jesus even washed the feet of Judas, fully knowing that He would be betrayed by him before the night was over.

There are examples of "dirty feet" that need "washing" all around us, young people, old people, successful and unsuccessful. However, we must also be prepared, that in the process, we may get a little of that "dirt" on ourselves. In fact, we may even get more than just a "little dirty." We may also be met with resistance, even physical resistance. But that must not stop us. It didn't stop Jesus. And they killed him for it.

And that's another reason why I'm running for this public office. We need to put "servant" back into the phrase "public servant!" We must show others we're not doing this for ourselves.

And of course, many of you already know Who we're doing it for.

Jim McCoole

Republican candidate for N.H. House of Representatives

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Liberal media cherry-picks stories and writes prevearicating statements

To The Daily Sun,

Our system of voting is corrupt, indicative of the release of emails that show Bernie Sanders never had a chance as the Democratic nominee for P.O.T.U.S. The affair resulted in the resignation of Debbi Wassaman Shultz.

The system is corrupted by FBI Director James Comey, stating that Hillary Clinton did not intend to cover up by deleting emails, even though she was subpoenaed to save them. Our system is corrupt when Bill Clinton has an impromptu meeting with Lorreta Lynch, the attorney general on an airplane parked on the tarmac for 90 minutes, one day before Lynch states she will not indict Hillary Clinton.

The system is corrupt when the liberal media cherry-picks stories and conveniently writes prevaricating statements (present paper excluded). The system is rigged when the government pushes through 1,800 new citizens that were to be deported for the purpose of a future vote.

The system is also rigged when Bill Clinton is impeached for lying to Congress but pulls-in favors to defeat the vote.

The answer to letter writer Bernadette Loesch's question (of whether this is the time for revolt) is no, but the so-called system needs to change. Donald Trump for all his faults, is championing a movement to finally change the corrupt system.

Rich Tjaden

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