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Downshifting of government cost burden will continue to escalate

To The Daily Sun,

At a conference held in Concord on Friday, April 17, Mr. Nicholas Toumpas, head of New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services, mentioned that he had just confided to his staff that "we are in crisis mode". Mr. Toumpas comes across as an experienced hand who know that New Hampshire's ability to fund mandated human services is very much in doubt.

The proximate reason for this statement at a meeting of the New Hamshire Commissioners' Association is the dilemma presented by insufficient nursing home beds, public and private, in our state and our inability to create or pay for more. The 'Silver Tsunami' is striking with a vengeance while the soaring number of those over 65 who may require services as they age will be unable to avail themselves of those services.

One partial solution to this problem is the idea, pitched by Mr. Toumpas, to expand the services which would allow the elderly to stay in their homes for longer periods of time. My response to this is: seems like a good idea but why would the citizens of Belknap County want to expand their funding of services when the state cannot meet its current obligations? Do not doubt that the Belknap County Delegation and the majority of the Belknap County Commission acted most unwisely when they adopted the 2015 budget. The state cannot meet its obligations and the downshifting of the tax burden from Washington D.C. to Concord and from Concord to local jurisdictions will escalate in future years.

These are problems which will not yield to the usual political pablum or to glittering generalities.

Dick Burchell
Belknap County Commissioner, District 2


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Republicans steer clear of me to avoid having to discuss real issues

To The Daily Sun,

Could some of the learned opinion writers answer some questions for me?

Will B. Hussein be available during the NBA playoffs for consultation? Is there an update on what programs "the First Lady" will be appearing on? Do you have an idea of how many American teens and young adults will leave to join ISIS family organizations across the sea? Does the Obama press secretary have an estimate of how many Christians will be slaughtered this week? Are there any members of the group of pansies (GOP) going to step forward to ask what the hell are you people doing?

No blueprint to go by? What does that mean? Just gather your facts and names and contact radio and TV programs that will give you some time. There are venues across the land for getting your message out. I'll bet the line will be short. Heck the Republicans stay clear of me so they avoid that "how would you like to join me and discuss the issues of the day?" Did I say "learned"? Of course it's the liberals and water-carrying Republicans.
Niel Young

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I prefer to listen to independent experts who are actually scientists

To The Daily Sun,

I don't personally know whether global warming is caused by human activity. Nor do I know how chemotherapy or lasers work. To develop an opinion on these things, I choose to rely on science, not motivated reasoning driven by political agendas.

A 2013 analysis of the peer reviewed studies by climate scientists on the causes of global warming found that over 97 percent of the papers that took a position concluded that humans are causing global warming.

In August of 2012 the American Meterological Society took the position that, "Warming of the climate system now is unequivocal, according to many different kinds of evidence." The statement provided a sampling of the evidence and then addressed human contributions as follows: "many of the observed changes ... are beyond what can be explained by the natural variability of the climate. It is clear from extensive scientific evidence that the dominant cause of the rapid change in climate of the past half century is human-induced increases in the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases..." You can find the statement at "http://www.ametsoc.org/policy/2012climatechange.html

Lord Christopher Monckton is a well known "climate skeptic". He has been called a buffoon because of the variety of absurd claims he's made. One of them is that he can cure HIV. He has no formal training in science. His pronouncements on climate have been debunked by a wide range of scientists, often including the very sources he is allegedly quoting.

The Heartland Institute is another climate change denier. But it's a political organization not a scientific one. A Texas judge found that its president and CEO, Joseph Bast, lacked credibility. According to the judge, "while Mr. Bast described himself as an economist, he holds neither undergraduate nor graduate degrees in economics, and the highest level of education he completed was high school."

You can find information about climate change based on science by reading information from NASA, NOAA, and the EPA. If you want non-governmental sources, try the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions or the Union of Concerned Scientists. You can also read about climate change science in the journals Nature and Science.

Many climate change deniers, like Heartland, are funded by fossil fuel and other energy interests. I prefer independent experts who are actual scientists. If 97 percnet of structural engineers who studied it said that a bridge was likely to collapse if you drove over it, would you try to cross it with your family in the car? The risk is too high, for me. I would pay the price and go around. My belief is that we should have the same attitude when it comes to protecting our planet for future generations.

Dave Pollak

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I want Bob & crew to know how much they are appreciated

To The Daily Sun,

As in the past, Bob and all his crew have done a great job of plowing, sanding and shoveling for the residents of Gilford Knolls II. This past winter was no exception, even though we had such a hard winter with so much more snow. Bob and crew went above and beyond the call of duty.

I would like to thank you Bob crew for the great job you did to make our life a little easier to get out and around. They came and plowed in the early morning hours and anytime we needed to be plowed out. I just wanted to let them know how much we appreciated it. Have a nice summer, all of Bob's crew, and Turf Pro as well.
Sally Abbott & residents of Gilford Knolls II


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$300,000 a speech Hillary is one of the greediest 1 percenters

To The Daily Sun,

Inciting anger and division while stoking envy is the stock and trade of Democratic Party. With the Scooby mobile megaphone on high, Hillary Clinton, is at it already. It's the same old country tune trying to sew anger and resentment. The same old Obama song with simply a higher pitched voice.
Hillary Clinton is going to do the same thing Obama did. Scream inequality till they get in office. Then fan it's flames with every policy. This country through out history has continually prevented either party from running things for 12 years straight. Excess spending and higher taxes from democrats and excess penny pinching from republicans run pretty thin after eight years going in only one direction.
But the electorate is changing. There are now more people "teated" to government in one form or another than ever. This makes such people "nose ring votes" for the Democratic Party. it explains why Democrats have never seen a new, trillion dollar government program their couldn't bear hug. The higher taxes to pay for it all is always well camouflaged. Obamacare is a perfect example. It is a lower class entitlement paid for out of middle class incomes. Twenty million didn't just drop from the middle by gravity, higher taxes forced them out. You think billions in subsides drop from the clouds?
Hillary is already crooning the same worn out donkey tune about inequality that Obama has sung for eight years while making this country more unequal, more quickly than any president in history. If Democrats had an interest to fix inequality they would have done it 100 years ago. They don't do it, and will never do it because with every increased dollar in wealth every person becomes more likely to vote Republican. This fact is well proven by every poll measure ever taken. Democrats only talk about inequality because it incites voters with anger and sparks envy. It is the most morally disingenuous, disgusting election ploy of all time.
Hillary spews moral outrage at CEOs who make 300 times more than what the average worker makes. Consider the hubris and hypocrisy of that. This is a woman who charges $300,000 for little more than an hours speech. Lets assume the typical event staff employee working those speeches for Hillary make $15 a hour. Hillary is making 13,000 times what those employees around her make per hour. Should I be mega phoning to the world the income inequality Hillary is producing all while she tries to get people "angered" over inequality. She decries the CEO for making 300 times what the employees around him make while she makes 13,000 times more than all the employees around her at every one of her functions. I haven' t seen her volunteering for any speech pay cuts ... have you? Hillary Clinton is one of the greediest "one per centers" in America. There is no CEO in America or Wall Street "slick" out-doing Hillary Clinton, all while she wails about the injustice of "inequality".
When she gives speeches she demands to stay in the "presidential suite" of the worlds very best hotels. She demands to be picked up in private, personal jets. That's not the end of it. Her support workers are paying taxes on their income. She isn't. All her speaking fees are funneled through the Clinton Foundation and " expensed" out. She pays NOTHING in taxes on her millions of dollars in speeches. In many cases the people paying the millions for those speeches are doing it for one reason, "to buy influence in the future". Hillary Clintons agenda has already been bought and paid for by the best pin striped pimps on this planet from Singapore to Saudi Arabia.
Tony Boutin

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