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A mother has a right to kill a baby but you want gun control?

To The Daily Sun,

In the wake of the slaughter in Orlando we are long on political posturing and short on facts. The perpetrator of the attack was a terrorist. Apparently he was struggling with sexual orientation. He was a radicalized Muslim, adherent to extremist propaganda. He is reported to have had mental health problems and to have been investigated by the FBI more than once. Yet, he legally obtained a Sig Sauer MCX which he was trained to use effectively by the Department of Homeland Security contractor who was his employer.

We are being treated to another round of self-righteous talking points and cherry-picked facts from the gun control advocates which goes: This is a preventable loss of life therefore we need to act now to prevent these deaths by addressing the immediate cause. The suggested actions include passing laws to ban the type of guns he used, insisting on more background checks, and preventing people being investigated by the FBI or on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun. This may not actually solve anything, but at least imposing more restrictions and giving up more of our freedom is better than doing nothing.

So let's stop for a minute and compare how those arguments reflect on abortion. Every year there are 700,000 abortions performed of which about 15,000 are so called late-term abortions where the baby could live outside the womb. This too is a preventable loss of life and one might argue a larger one. Do we not need to act now to prevent these deaths by addressing the immediate cause? We can pass laws to ban abortions after 20 weeks, insist that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and require women to receive counseling about their options beforehand. This may not solve anything, but at least we can do better than doing nothing.

Isn't it stunning that people can argue with a straight face that a mother has a right to kill a baby that can live outside the womb and in the next breath they espouse gun control? Demonizing those who want to preserve their Second Amendment rights while refusing to even consider restrictions on killing tens of thousands of babies that could live outside the womb is conflicted. This is why it is hard to take such arguments at face value. The proponents' ideology is inconsistent and it trumps logic and facts.

We have arrived at a place where 49 people are dead because a hate filled evil person used a deadly weapon to terrorize all of us. Yet, the political discourse in the press should make us cringe. It is unhelpful to the situation or to the path forward. We need to do better.

Marc Abear


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Good reasons why Mr. O'Connor shouldn't address Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter to (1st District congressional candidate) Shawn O'Connor:

Mr. O'Connor, I saw you on WMUR's "Close Up" on a recent Sunday. You pretended to be mystified as to why the New Hampshire Democratic Party has prevented you from speaking at the state party onvention.

You know darn well why. If I were threatening to file or had filed a lawsuit against an organization, as you have against the NHDP, I would have zero expectation of an invitation to speak at their convention. I would be shocked if anyone spoke to me at all.

You falsely attacked a lot of good Democrats, tried to get the NHDP to pay you money to get out of the race, lied about the Puritan Restaurant having rats (the Manchester Health Department said that was false), got into Twitter fights with Union Leader reporters, and generally conducted yourself as if you were Donald Trump.

Of course, you were a Republican, so filing as an Independent and saying that you will caucus with the "Majority" (Republicans) is really like coming home — after being a Republican, a corporate Democrat, and for the past six months a so-called Bernie Democrat.

You can now try to be a spoiler for your Republican challengers, but I'm guessing their voters won't want you either.

Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works

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