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2 Gilmanton selectmen were okay with bias language in town's voter guide

To The Daily Sun,

Could there have been anything more absurd than the previous instructions given to Gilmanton in the Gilmanton's Voters Guide regarding Article 3, sewer sludge (aka bio-solids), which read: "should this petition warrant article pass, the current activity would, by right, be allowed to continue. The proposed amendment would only apply to future users of biosolids and could create an enforcement issue for the town"? The answer is, no!

Well, actually yes ... there is something more absurd. What's more absurd were the reactions of fellow Selectman Hatch and Jean (reported in The Daily Sun on Feb. 24) to Don Guarino's efforts to do what was necessary to not only change the wording, but change the intent of the article which, now changed, has actually given Gilmanton voters something sensible to vote on.

It's bad enough Hatch and Jean turned a blind eye and deaf ear, ignoring Guarino's arguments and efforts to initially change these instructions, but now they're saying he had no right to? Even after legal counsel, because of Guarino's initiatives, had advised the wording be completely eliminated, they say he had no right to? Even when you consider that Mr. Guarino, long before Mr. Ogni of the Planning Board even thought to call the town attorney, had for days been fighting for its change, and they say he had no right to? They did absolutely nothing ... and he had no right as our selectman to take the initiative and do something?

Hatch's and Jean's main complaint was that Guarino: "went behind our backs." Well, in my opinion, if they hadn't turned their backs on their own responsibility of getting those ill-advised instructions evaluated and changed in the first place none of what they are complaining about would have happened. Mr. Guarino did what he had to do to ensure the job got done. Congratulations to him and also to Mr. Ogni for not ignoring their responsibilities to our town.

I would also say, instead of Hatch and Jean gobbling up further town resources, calling special meetings to launch a fact-finding witch-hunt for Steve McWinnie to try and discredit Guarino further, that they might consider that they are dangerously close to using tax dollars to further Steve McWinnie's campaign for selectman and that that is simply not right. Hatch, Jean, and now it would seem selectman hopeful, Steve McWinnie, are drawing upon the worst of what we have come to expect from a "political" partisanship that has become so blind in its ambitions that it's completely turned its back on reason and sensibility. With that said ...

Please, Gilmanton voters: on Tuesday, March 8, bring reason and sensibility back to Gilmanton ... vote for Don Guarino and Brett Currier for selectman.

Al Blake

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Republicans want you to believe that debt & deficit are same thing

To The Dally Sun,
The DEBT and the DEFICIT are two different animals. Republicans are waging a relentless campaign to convince millions of Americans that the deficit has increased. The truth is quite the opposite. In point of fact it has gone down in record numbers.
According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, millions "of Americans are totally clueless about the status of the deficit under President Obama."
The deficit is the difference between what the federal government spends and what it takes in by taxes and other revenue each year. Sadly, 73 percent of Americans actually believe that the deficit has grown under President Obama, although it has actually gone down more than a trillion dollars.
The GOP, FOX News and conservative talk radio have for the most part been very successful in convincing people that the debt and the deficit are the same and are therefore interchangeable even though this is a total falsehood.
The most outstanding fact of President Obama's legacy is the success he has had in spending enough to "rescue the economy, then trimming spending where necessary."

Bernadette Loesch

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