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Obviously, public schools have no prepared him for real world

To The Daily Sun,

Recently your paper printed a letter from a senior in high school named Gabe, insisting that the taxpayers should pay for his college education. Tony Boutin responded with a very good letter which included praise for the young man for trying to plan for his future.

Next came a letter from another high school senior with the same entitlement attitude as the first one ... only scarier. Michael informs Mr. Boutin that we live in the richest country in the world so the successful can certainly pay more in taxes to help him. Young man, we no longer live in the richest country as our treasury has been squandered on social programs. There's no money left. You want to pick the pockets of the people who have worked hard and been successful instead of figuring out a way to earn it yourself (hard work and good grades).

You love the Finnish system and obviously haven't been taught the American system of achievement. A government who will pay for your education will also tell you what you may and may not study, taking away your personal choices.

Recently Sen. Sam Cataldo has been mentioned in three different letters (including yours) in three different newspapers. It sounds like maybe you are being fed talking points from Sam's opponent, Richard Leonard. Mr. Leonard would certainly believe in wealth redistribution as you do. Sam Cataldo does not. Obviously the public schools have not prepared you for the real world, even before Common Core. They seem to have achieved their goal of turning out good little socialists.

Mr. Boutin's response to you comes from his life experiences that you are not old enough to appreciate and understand. All you have had is public school propaganda which explains your failure to understand the American way of life.

Congratulations Michael. You have learned how to put your thoughts down on paper and put them out there for all to see. Now comes lesson Number 2. When you do that you put yourself in the line of fire of people who disagree. It's not the Finnish way, it's not even the Canadian or Mexican way, it's the American way.

Phil Wittmann


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Lady wiht questions for Sen. Ayotte's staffer was just blown off

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to U.S. Sen. Kelley Ayotte:

I appreciate the work you are doing in Washington and understand that your schedule is quite busy. However, last night the Board of Selectmen in Meredith had an agenda item as follows: "Senator Kelly Ayotte — board update". You were not there and had sent a staffer in your place. That was really not a problem. The problem began when questions were asked of the staffer. One of our selectmen asked him about the federal highway funding of Routes 3 and 25 intersection, and rather than address the issue, he handed the selectman a card and said they could get in touch later. He wouldn't even wait to talk to him after the meeting.

Then, he said if anyone had any personal questions they could meet him in the hall. A lady got up and wanted to talk to him and it wasn't personal, it was issue driven. She came to the microphone, was recognized by the chair and began to speak by saying it wasn't personal and she had a couple of questions for him. He opened the door and motioned her into the hall. I was stunned. He obviously did not want to address her questions in a public session, and if that was the case, what was he doing there at all.

This lady, a constituent of mine, came to this meeting solely for the purpose of having the opportunity to have these questions addressed by you. To be basically "blown off" by this staffer was unacceptable and regardless of the party affiliation of anyone involved, I do not feel that this was professional or fair.

I encourage you not to allow this to happen again in the future and I encourage all of our representative to either show up themselves or when they can't, sent educated staffers to represent them. It makes us all look bad when things like this happen.

Hillary Seeger

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Why aren't U.S. women concerned about forthcoming Islam law?

To The Daily Sun,

What's in it for you? With no regard for woman, I can't understand why a majority of Americans have no problem with the forthcoming socialist society, overruled by Islam! They will have no qualms in dispatching you and yours. They are devoted to their cause, lacking any principal that might impede their success. Their religion entitled them to lie about this. In fact, it's a commandment. Remember you are an infidel if you disagree. It's that simple.

Now, the coming great society will take on cradle to grave care of any and all who prefer to loiter. Guess who pays! 

Ward H. Flanders


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VA fix just passed in Senate was Shea-Porter’s idea in 2008

To The Daily Sun,

I am a veteran and I'm so happy to see that the House and Senate have voted on a VA bill that will help vets.

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter was the first on the scene in 2008 with her bill calling for a full-service hospital or access to local care for states without a full-service hospital. It was great to see Sen. Shaheen introduce Shea-Porter's bill in the Senate in 2009, and then in 2011 to watch Sen. Ayotte support it also. It has been a long road, but the New Hampshire women of the House and Senate got the job done.

It took time for the rest of Congress to understand what Congresswoman Shea-Porter, wife of a veteran, understood from the beginning. This nation needs to keep its promises to its veterans. I send a big "thank you" to Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Sens. Shaheen and Ayotte.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Scott Brown should challenge Shaheen in Democrat primary

To The Daily Sun,

I watched the news the other night and was amazed as Scott Brown, a paid consultant for Fox News, had a good 15-minute one-on-one with Brett Baier. While he was doing this very nicely produced "interview," he stated that he is a "moderate" Republican. He also stated he is for a woman's "right to choose." We know that Mr. Brown is pro gun "regulation." If the word "regulation" doesn't send you reeling by now, I wonder if you have been paying attention to the slow deterioration of our liberties. He's so very pro-regulation of guns that he took $100,000 from Michael "give me all those guns" Bloomberg.

Mr. Brown doesn't seem to feel the need to show up at senatorial debates. He has apparently gotten the "nod" from the establishment GOP that he is the chosen one and feels no need to put any effort in, unless of course you want to count those schmlatzy, tug-at-your-heartstrings commercials intended to evoke an emotional response from the public.

If you attend the GOP debates, you will see Sen. Bob Smith, a true conservative, sees the need to "protect and defend the Constitution" since it is most assuredly under attack. He will answer with sure knowledge of how to fix the problems we face. He knows how D.C. works. He also knows how D.C. should work as opposed to what we are watching now. You will also see Jim Rubens who until very recently was a big global-warming, carbon-tax, kind of candidate. Nothing says, "following the Republican platform" like global warming, limiting gun rights, and a pro-abortion stance, right?

I understand that Mr. Brown also went on a local radio program, where he announced that he is an "independent." I guess his voting record from his time in D.C. as a Massachusetts senator, which shows that he voted 62 percent of the time with the liberal agenda should speak for itself that he is, at best, an independent, and at worst a liberal. Hmmm...

So my question is this. Why is it that this Massachusetts Republican (a/k/a Democrat-Lite) running in the New Hampshire GOP primary? He surely seems to align himself with the Democrat platform more than the GOP. Why? Simple. He doesn't think he could beat Jeanne Shaheen in a primary.

My question to Republican voters and to those that are aware that there is a problem in D.C., is why does Scott Brown assume that he is the GOP nominee? And if he is indeed the nominee, why does he think he can beat Jeanne Shaheen in a general election when he's already conceded that he can't beat her in a primary? This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Go back home to Massachusetts politics, Scott Brown. We don't need you here in the Live Free or Die state. We need bold differences, not watered-down policies. We need someone that is willing to help save our floundering country, not another narcissist. We need Bob Smith, a veteran, a man that will speak truthfully to us, a man that is pro-life, and who will protect our right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government

Truth has no agenda.

Jean M. Ferreira


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