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Ray Moritz will protect our common investment in Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

The town of Meredith is not the small village it used to be. With a municipal budget of over $14 million and a net property valuation of just under $1.75 billion in a community of a mere 6,200 residents, Meredith can be likened to a big business.

Every Meredith taxpayer owns "a share" in this business. How has your investment in Meredith been doing? What do people say of the community we call home? Is it a valued place to live and to work? If your answers make you feel good then my vote and yours is very important next Tuesday.

There are four seats to be filled on the Selectboard. Two will be decided by you and me. The remaining two will be filled by the very people we elect. This is perhaps the most important election Meredith has seen in decades. We need to elect those candidates who have had experience in the business world and are capable of making prudent business decisions. We need to elect those who have strong management skills and corporate experience.

Ray Moritz stands out among the rest. Ray has owned property in Meredith for more than 30 years and chose to retire here in 2006. He experience is in engineering, computer science and management. He was CEO of two companies including a large Information Technology Services subsidiary of Canon.

Ray has a strong sense of community service. In his retirement he is a senior consultant with Executive Service Corps, a non-profit volunteer group that assists other non-profits with strategic planning and board development. In that capacity and now as treasurer, Ray has contributed countless hours of invaluable expertise and direction to the Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association (Meredith).

Ray is a common sense guy and a good listener. He has the skills and the commitment to represent you and me well and protect our investment in Meredith.

Vote Ray Moritz for Selectman.

Edward C. Touhey


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Year-Round Library has become constant we can count on

To The Daily Sun,
The Gilmanton Year-Round Library has become enmeshed in the lives of our residents in a way that makes it indispensable. It is not just a random collection of books — it's become, not a luxury, but an integral part of our community. Your library is a valued town partner, providing valuable free tools and resources to help residents of all ages and backgrounds.

I strongly feel that a library outranks any other service a community can do to benefit its people, and while I won't pretend to be ignorant about making hard decisions in dispersing public funds, neither should taxpayers pretend to be surprised when their library is forced to close. Financing the library is a small price to pay compared to what we'd be losing.

As our community faces the challenges and uncertainty of these times, the GYRLA has become a constant that we can count on. It is incumbent on the voters of Gilmanton to make it a priority that the library remains open and ready to be of service to all.

I encourage anyone who has not visited the library to stop in and view the historic building, what it has to offer, and speak to the wonderful staff. Don't base your vote on rumors and innuendo, but on your personnel observations and facts.

The health of our community, awareness of our history and our concern for the future, can all be tested by how well we support our library.

Jack Schaffnit

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Being a part of Sanbornton BudCom is my way to be involved

To The Daily Sun,

I am Craig Weisman and am running for the Sanbornton Budget Committee. My wife Cindy, my two children and I have lived in Sanbornton for more than 12 years and in New Hampshire our entire lives. I have coached soccer and basketball for the Recreation Department for many years, watching my children go through the program. We love this town and everything that small country towns stand for.

I own my own business and want to use my 30-plus years of business experience to serve my community. I am a numbers person, am very comfortable reading financial statements and know how to run a budget.

I am conservative by nature, but as a small-business owner, also recognize the importance of taking care of your employees. I also understand that when you need to take on an additional expense or purchase, you must really analyze first. Is it really needed? If the answer is yes, then negotiate the best price and get the best you can afford.

In summary, I feel all citizens have a responsibility to get involved in their town in some way. I feel being part of the Budget Committee is an excellent way for me to do my part.

Craig Weisman


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I urge Commissioner Burchell to stay at table & represent me

To The Daily Sun,

Last November conservative and Tea Party voters went to the polls with the objective of tossing out the Democrats who believed in Obama's agenda.

It seems that Republicans cannot stand victory. John Boehner begins by alienating Congress members whom I agree with. And it did not take long for the Speaker of the House to bow down to Obama. Harry Reid still thinks he is Majority Leader of the Senate, even though he is not. Since McConnell does not like confrontation, he is allowing Reid and Obama to set the agenda. Obama is angry at Netanyahu for reminding us of what a real leader does. And I snicker at the thought of B. Hussein being put in his place.

There is another opportunity for something good for the residents of Belknap County. The voters said they wanted a County Commission that would protect us from a new county jail addition, members who would listen to the public, and be transparent (not BHO's idea of transparency). I did do what I could to help candidates (Dick) Burchell and (Dave) DeVoy win, and the appointment of Hunter was a good move.

Now for some reason, my hope was that the three commissioners would be the answer, they are giving the detractors an opening to attack their every decision.

Commissioner Burchell, as a supporter, I ask you to remain at the table, not as the chairman, but as the man who wanted to represent me.

Niel Young


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Time for Gilmanton to end this failed SB-2 experiment

To The Daily Sun,

I have found that most people I speak with feel that, for a variety of reasons, our elected representatives don't fully reflect our beliefs and desires, and that we are limited in our responses to that problem. We can complain to the representative, and we can vote for their opponent. Neither path gives us as much say as if we were that representative ourselves. The one and only place where we had that power was at Town Meeting. We are the representatives of our town government by virtue of citizenship alone — no fund-raising or unseemly compromises needed for the position.

Once a year for five hours we came together and set the future course for our town. SB-2 took that right away from us along with the social bonds of community governing. Like it or not, politics runs everything and being a spectator gets you nothing. Please vote for Article 2 which will return us to our roots in participatory democracy and end the failed SB-2 experiment.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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