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'Trust' is word that best describes why I support Forrester for governor

To The Daily Sun,

Trust. I cannot think of a single word in the English language that better describes why I support Jeanie Forrester for governor of New Hampshire.

I have known and respected Jeanie for almost a decade, through her tenure at the helm of the Greater Meredith Program as well as her time as our state senator. I have had the privilege of serving as an adviser to Jeanie on occasion and I have seen her leadership first-hand.

Catchy slogans are usually just pretty words serving a political campaign. But in Jeanie's case, "Governor for the People" truly expresses who she is and whom she serves. I am comfortable in the alignment of our core values and equally important, I trust Jeanie Forrester to make the right decisions for the people of New Hampshire.

Mark Billings

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Topless women on display was shameful mockery of Town Hall & GPD

To The Daily Sun,

First, I wish to say, thank Gilford Police for once again impressing me with their composure and detachment toward the "display" they had to deal with at the beach, near the station, and in front of Gilford Town Hall. Of course they were polite. I have never met an officer up here who was not.

Second, I wish to apologize to any and all families, neighbors, and tourists who were there/out that day. Either on the beach or driving by to the "spectacle" they and their children had to witness. I can assure you this is not what this great town is about, and I hope it will not keep you away on your next visit or trip to the beach/Lakes Region. I would not want our local restaurants, farms, golf courses, ice cream shops, many local stores, etc.. to lose business over this because of your choice of not returning.

Third, if Ms. Lilley sadly thinks that the horns honking that day were in support of her cause, she is in worse denial that I thought. I bet if we were to do a "survey" of those horns, they came from men driving buy, and I can assure you they weren't in support Ms. Lilley. They were honking at the "topless/exposed" women display on the side of the road, period. Not a sight you see on the public Route 11A, nor want too. What a mockery of our Town Hall and Police Department they showed that day. Shameful!

Fourth, I wish to address the town members, committees, and town taxpaying residents, is this what you want at your beaches? It is election time am I correct? Does the town have its own legal resources? If so, (it's) about time they got some use. And since we, the taxpayers, pay for the upkeep and use of this private beach, and tourism is a major factor as well in the Lakes Region, what are the "rights" for us vs. the "view" for a few? I say let them try this in Boston. Now, that is news I would love to "see."

Also, I am not sure if anyone noticed the Bayside Rental ad above this article, offering vacation home rentals? Yikes! That would make me take a second look about vacationing up here with my family or friends, maybe it already has for some.

Denise C. Burke

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