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A few criminals die resisting arrest and some are outraged

To The Daily Sun,

June M. Huot asks, in the Dec. 10 Laconia Daily Sun, "Where is our outrage?" at what she apparently believes are the racially motivated deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, and what she believes is the racially motivated lack of indictments or convictions, at least so far, of the people who she believes are responsible for these deaths.

There are many things that deserve outrage.

It is outrageous that President Obama has only expressed concern about a few instances of black American deaths, i.e., when black criminals died, when he does little to stop the thousands of innocent people's deaths annually. He doesn't seem to care about the deaths caused by poor policing in Democratic-run cities, lenient liberal judges that release criminals prematurely, innocent people who died because gun control laws kept them from getting a gun needed to defend themselves, or by his tolerating, and even releasing criminal, illegal aliens who kill hundreds of American citizens annually, accidentally or intentionally.

It is outrageous that a race-baiter like Al Sharpton, who allegedly owes $4.5 million in back taxes and skips out on his bills, and never met a inter-racial situation he didn't try to exacerbate, gets media attention, a TV show, and audiences with President Obama.

It is outrageous that President Obama takes every opportunity to try to divide Americans along racial, gender, nationality, wealth, and other lines.

It is outrageous that Huot and many other Americans let themselves be influenced by the race baiters and media who promote stories rather than facts, who ignore the conclusions of the only people who have heard all the evidence, and who apparently aren't outraged at the mobs causing arson, looting, personal injuries, destruction of innocent people's private property, and other mayhem.

It is outrageous for people, who have no appreciation for the dangerous situation that exists when someone resists arrest in real life rather than on TV, to just assume the police are at fault for the consequences. (It takes enormous skill, effort, courage and dedication to duty for police to arrest someone who resists.)

It is outrageous for someone to die for selling "loosies," but the primary blame goes to Garner for resisting arrest and to the politicians who turned Garner into a criminal but who try to blame the consequences of their policies onto the police.

It is outrageous that two years after the Newtown school shooting, most public schools are still openly identified free fire zones for crazy people, aka "Gun Free Zones," when we know that the only thing that usually stops a crazy person bent on killing is running out of ammunition, a change of heart, or another person with a gun.

It is outrageous to believe that racism is to blame every time police arrest a minority or every time a minority dies at the hands of the police. According to the Department of Justice, blacks were responsible for nearly three-fourths of all homicides committed between 1980 and 2008. Assuming that crime statistic is at least somewhat representative of the criminal activity that leads to confrontations with police, it seems that proportionally far more whites, approximately three whites to each black, are killed by police.

It is outrageous that innocent people are probably being victimized and killed because police may hesitate to deal with crime situations that often result in them being unjustly accused of racism and brutality which can have a devastating impact on their careers and freedom.

It is outrageous for people to get outraged when a few criminals die resisting arrest when those same people don't get outraged at the innocent deaths of over a million babies annually. (What happened to "safe, legal, and rare?")

It is outrageous that Washington politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have generated $18 trillion in debt, not incurred for our nation's survival but to help re-elect politicians, for subsequent generations to repay.

It is a shame that a child who apparently didn't follow police direction and made a threatening move with a real-looking gun was killed by cops who, along with combat veterans, know that a child with a gun can kill you just as dead as an adult. Whether there is any culpability, racial aspect, or real reason for outrage is TBD.

The list of things which could legitimately cause outrage is long. Should people be outraged at police when two criminals died resisting arrest or when Trayvon Martin died while trying to kill George Zimmerman? No.

Don Ewing


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Students note pot was considered harmful but is now acceptable

To The Laconia Sun,

"Everyone uses!": What an opening hook for an article relating to Stand-Up Laconia! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, both in our community and across this nation. Unfortunately, when you talk to some individuals in our community, their perception is that drug usage has become the norm. What they seem to believe is that pretty much everyone is using something. In their frame of reference, which may include family, friends and acquaintances within their peer group, and the media they consume, it may be understandable that some of our youth have developed this perception.

Is this an accurate assumption outside the finite circle of relationships a person may have? For us to assess this, we need to look at the data about our community and our society. Locally and nationally, arrests and deaths from overdose incidents are increasing at the time of this writing. Our community is reacting to this through increased dialogue, demands for action and looking to professionals for advice. Like all of us, young people also see the substance abuse issue through the filter of their experience and what they hear. Some of them don't have a frame of reference that includes the positive reactions and concerns of the community, they only know about the mounting number of incidents that are getting recorded in shaping their view and the events within their finite social group.

The media also shapes the views of Americans on this topic. Some of what we consume includes references and inferences to drugs that present usage in a positive way. The issue of marijuana and its growing legalization in places across this nation is sending a message to our youth that indicates the use of that substance is acceptable. Though this is a political issue, I am simply stating that our society has spent decades generally defining marijuana as "bad." We passed laws forbidding its use and spent years using both media and public education to inform our students of its "scientifically proven" harmful effects, both physiologically and psychologically.

Now, some do not seem to see the use of marijuana as problematic. Students see what society once said was harmful and wrong is now being termed acceptable. This perpetuates their view that drug use is acceptable while also communicating to them that adults, those who run our society, aren't very consistent in keeping their word. That is a tough lesson. This age is a truly difficult and confusing time for our young people. One can argue the legalization issue does not pertain to youth, but we all understand that what we make OK for adults creates the perception that the behavior is acceptable for all in society.

What are we to do? How do we fight this perception that we, as a society, appear to be perpetuating for the young people of our community? Laconia is a community that cares about our kids' futures. We all believe that substance use will be harmful to the futures of our young people. We need to stand up together and agree on what is okay and not okay and communicate it to our kids in a way they see as relevant. It is worth our energy and time to do this for our kids and our community. It is, in fact, our responsibility as a community. We also need to find a way to support those who have become involved in substance abuse, to provide pathways to healthier living.

It has been exciting to see a growing number of people becoming active in Stand Up Laconia! We need more of you. There is a plan being developed to reduce the drug abuse problem our community is facing. This plan requires our citizens to be actively engaged. It is our hope that you will join us in this process and be a part of the plan.

If you are ready to get involved in helping make Laconia a better place for everyone, our next meeting will be at a combined meeting of the middle and high school PTO at Laconia Middle School on Jan. 14 at 6 p.m.

Let's make this city better together.

Jim McCollum


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How does our government hurt us? How about $18T in debt?

To The Daily Sun

Oh dear, Bernadette Loesch wrote another uninformed letter heavy on spin and short on reason. This time she asks, what has government done to harm people?

Where do I start? How about that it just became official that the national debt has just topped $18 trillions. That debt must be either passed on to our children or government programs and services must be shut down. That will hurt people. The government has printed billions in paper money with nothing backing it, thus reducing the value of the dollar, raising prices. That hurts people. The cooperate income tax is 35 percent — the highest in the world. Corporations do not pay that tax, they pass it along to consumers. That's you and I, we pay that tax. That hurts people.

Remember the ACA (Obamacare) was supposed to save everyone money? It doesn't. It won't, and that hurts people.

Then there is all the foolhardy, wasteful and corrupt programs our taxes have been spent on. That hurts people by raising our taxes.

Do I really have to go on and on with examples going back several decades because I think everyone knows of at least a few examples where government has harmed citizens.

Perhaps Bernadette should put a little more thought into her letters and a lot less political spin?

Steve Earle


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Cops not cruising black neighborhoods looking for men to shoot

To The Daily Sun,

Hands up, don't shoot! Demonstrations in cities all over America are echoing to the chants. Another case of the far-left telling the "big lie." Brown never put his hands up, never said "don't shoot" that was the story of Brown's accomplice in the strong arm robbery of a convenience store just shortly before. It was backed up by a few in the community with axes to grind. In the end forensic evidence and counter testimony proved the lie of it. But never let facts stand in the way of a good riot, the left just loves to loot and burn then tell everyone how dangerous the Tea Party is.

Do readers understand what Brown's greatest crime was? It was gross stupidity. I don't care how big and tough you think you are you don't try to attack someone, anyone with a gun, and especially a cop. And make no mistake Brown was big and tough. 6 foot 4 and 292 pounds. (That's NFL football player size folks.) But Brown was no football player, Brown was a thug, bully and thief, so when the left tries to make him a victim of police injustice, I laugh.

And then we have Al Sharpton swooping in like the vulture he is, all ready to feed on the gullibility of fools. We see the poison fruits of his racist activism and not for the first time. Remember the Crown Heights riots some years back, when at least one young Jewish man was murdered by Sharpton's mob. This vulture has made himself rich at his own people's expense and the blood of real innocent victims.

Anyone who actually cares to look at the facts surrounding the left's narrative can see for themselves it's all BS. Cops are not cruising black neighborhoods looking for young black men to shoot. Young black men are doing that themselves. Ninety-one percent of black murders are black on black. So what do those on the left have to say about that? What's their plan? What? What? Can't hear them, can you?

Steve Earle


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We have an illicit president who has zero accomplishments

To The Daily Sun,

On April 30, 1973, the White House announced the resignation of Haldeman and Ehlichman and Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst. During a national broadcast that night, President Nixon denied any involvement in the Watergate break-in or cover-up. Nixon said " justice will be pursued, fairly, fully and impartially, no matter who is involved." This must be a script. We are still hearing similar rhetoric.

Chief counsel of the permanent staff of the House Judiciary Committee was Jerry Zeifman with the staff of the impeachment inquiry. They consisted of Richard Cates, John Doar, Samuel Garrison, Albert Jenner, Bernard Nussbaum and Hillary Rodham.

Nixon considered the media an enemy since he played a significant role, in the 1950s, during the Alger Hiss spy case. Always somewhat shy and private, he took his vacations in almost seclusion fashion at Camp David, San Clemente, or Key Biscayne. Fla.

The Watergate storm intensified as president Nixon almost disappeared from public view. The Judiciary Committee's report and Articles of Impeachment were on its way to the House of Representatives. The articles drawn up could easily be relevant to the crisis facing America today. These are but a few applicable to today's crises.

Article 1: Making or causing to be made false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States.

Article 9: Endeavoring to cause prospective defendants, and individuals duly tried and convicted, to expect favored treatment and consideration in return for their silence or false testimony, or rewarding individuals for their silence or false testimony.

In all of this Richard M. Nixon has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the united states. Whereas Richard M. Nixon, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.

Chronology of Watergate: Jan. 20, 1969, Richard Nixon inaugurated President. May 12, New York Times discloses bombing of Cambodia. Wire taps installed on reporters and White House aides. April 22, 1970,House Majority Leader Hale Boggs becomes furious over the FBI and other agencies wiretaps and surveillance of members of Congress. July 23, President Nixon approves illegal Huston plan for political intelligence gathering. June 13, 1971, "Pentagon Papers" published by Daniel Ellsberg in New York Times. Sept. 3, E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy and others burglarize the office of Ellsberg's psychiatrist. June 17, 1972, Hunt, Liddy and others burglarize Watergate office of Democratic National Committee. June 23 Following a discussion of Watergate arrests, Nixon directs Halderman to urge CIA Director Jesse Helms to impede Watergate-related investigations. Oct. 22, Hale Boggs disappears in a small plane over Alaska. Nov. 7, Nixon re-elected in a landslide. Jan. 8, 1973, trial of Watergate burglars. Found guilty by Jan. 30. Jan. 20, 93rd Congress convenes. Charles Morgon begins " Impeach Nixon" movement. Feb.y 6 Sen. Sam Ervin chairs a Committee to investigate Watergate. July 13, Attorney General Elliott Richardson appoints Archibald Cox as Watergate special prosecutor. White House tapes discovered by Ervin committee. June 25-29, John Dean accuses Nixon of participation in Watergate coverup. July 23 Ervin committee discovers White House tapes. Oct. 10, under indictment, Vice President Agnew resigns. Oct. 13, House Judiciary Committee begins hearings to confirm Gerald Ford as vice president. A young graduate by the name of Hillary Rodham was fired due to her unethical approach to the investigation. Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency on Aug. 9, 1974.

Isn't it time to remove the current resident in the White House? We have an illicit president with zero accomplishments and no known history. A tyrant always surrounds himself with like-minded rascals who know in order to protect themselves they must  protect him. When they see their world closing in on them they may abandon ship or claim the Fifth. A typical communist tactic.

The main grievance directed toward the Republican Party might well be their lack of backbone. And, of course, their lack of organizational skills, and their inability to identify the enemy to our way of life. Reaching across the aisle is not always a good thing. Lenin coined the phrase "two steps forward, one step back." It doesn't take a genius to understand its meaning.

Gene F. Danforth


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