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Lou Kahn has been immersed in important Meredith issues for year

To the editor,
We intend to vote for Lou Kahn for Meredith Selectboard on March 12. There is a term for people like Lou. They are called "public servants." There is always a shortage of citizens who are willing to spend the time and effort to serve on various boards and committees — mostly without pay. A few, like Lou, never hesitate to "step up" to help the town whenever needed. Lou has been an invaluable public servant over the last decade with his service as town moderator, Planning Board member, member and now chairman of the Capital Improvements Program Planning Committee and Trustee of the Trust Funds. Lou is not afraid to ask tough questions and he is unburdened by any ideological ax to grind. He simply wants to do the right things for the people and the Town of Meredith.
As someone who has put his education, experience and energy into working for the town he has been immersed in important town issues for years and understands the complexities and needs that must be addressed. He will not need a tutorial on town finances because he has been involved in them for years. He understands that there are differences among the municipal, school and county components of our tax burden and will be a constructive force from day one.
We are very happy to live in a first class town such as Meredith where we are fortunate to have a candidate as experienced and well qualified as Lou. We urge everyone to join us in voting for Lou Kahn who will be a top notch selectman.
Barbara & Warren Clark
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