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I've been offended by how delegation has treated commissioners

To the editor,
To my fellow Belknap County Delegation:
I have been uncomfortable with this entire budget process. It bears no resemblance to the open and reasonable process I participated in from 2006 to 2010. I find myself agreeing with Rep. Fields when he says that he has never seen anything like this.
I was impressed when I saw that the County Commissioners had proposed a budget request that was lower than last year. When I first became a member of the county delegation six years ago, the county was in disarray. The county administrator and the commissioners have worked very hard to make the county more efficient and effective. The number of employees has been significantly reduced over the last four years and administrative roles have been centralized saving the county money.
I was quite shocked when it became clear that the majority of the delegation was determined to make deep cuts in an already thin budget. It seems clear that they are targeting our county employees. This seems unwise at a time when the demand these services are at such high levels.
I can only imagine how this makes our hard working county employees feel, as they try to do more and more, with less and less. I have heard the testimony from some of our constituents comparing the wages and benefits of our employees to those in the private sector. The truth is that when you factor in education and experience, public sector employees earn 11 to 12 percent less than their private counterparts. I have heard members of the delegation complain that our employees do not pay as high a percentage of their health insurance as other public employees do. They do not seem to recognize that many of those who pay a slightly higher percentage of their health care insurance also receive dental insurance, disability insurance and life insurance as a part of their benefits package, while Belknap County employees do not.
The county is a large professional organization, which provides many necessary services to the public. Most employees possess specific certifications or licenses in their areas of expertise. They are held to a high performance standards and, as public servants, they are held to high ethical standards.
It seems foolish to me to continue denying that we have any responsibility for union contracts. We should not continue to close our eyes to the fact that with, or without, approved contracts, much of the funding that has been eliminated from this budget will still have to be paid for.
The way to reduce taxpayer burdens is to look at creative solutions to how services are provided, not these sort of slash and burn tactics. It would be nice if we were taking a look at what sort of community we are interested in creating and who we might want to attract to live here. Is this a race to the bottom? We have all heard of or know someone who has hit hard times, should we be trying to put more constituents in to the same difficult situation?
Lastly, I have been offended by how the delegation has treated the County Commissioners. They are elected by the same people who elected us. I see no reason to usurp their elected responsibilities. It is our job to determine the bottom line when it comes to the county budget, we should fill in the blanks on the "Statement of County Appropriations and Revenue as Voted" and leave the line item determinations to the commissioners.
Rep. Beth Arsenault
Belknap County, District 9
(Laconia and Belmont)

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