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I love Meredith & I'm concerned about our taxes continuing to rise

To the editor,
My name is Jayne Greemore and I am running for Meredith Town Selectman. Most of you most likely know my face, but not my name nor much about me, so I would like to introduce myself to you.
I was born and raised in Lansing, Mi. I went to a private liberal arts college and graduated cum laude with a double major, earning a teaching certificates in Art and English. After three years of no real job, I went back to college and got a Culinary Arts degree, again graduating cum laude. For a short time, I traveled around Europe learning chocolates and pastries, and seeing the world, which was amazing!
I then worked in Contract Food Service Management for a large company, and after three years, got a promoted to New England, which was the best move I ever made. After five years I became a traveling chef/manager around the Boston area and helped in large (15,000 person) and small (50 person) catering functions also. It was lots of stress but also lots of fun!
My life changed when I joined my husband in our business, Bob's Sharp All. Twenty years later, I now have more than 400 customers that I see on a monthly basis. I work with my husband and son, ordering supplies, managing employees, watching our costs so that we don't lose money every month, and interacting with our valued customers. I have learned a lot the hard way, by working and not letting anything stop us from growing our business.
I am an active member of Calvary Bible Church, Wicwas Lake Grange, and am involved with the Belknap County Republicans! I love my community and wish to help Meredith stay the great and special town it has been for a lot of years.
As a Meredith taxpayer, I am concerned to see our taxes continuing to rise and our income either staying the same, or in many cases, going down. With the rising costs of gas, electricity, food, etc. it just isn't helping. The budgets for our town, our county, our state, and our country keep going up and it seems that the "powers to be" do not take into serious consideration those of us with, "Joe the Plumber" incomes. I would like to be a voice on the Board of Selectman to keep down town's tax and spend mentality. Please help by voting for me on March 12th at the polls.
Jayne Greemore

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