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I am running for selectman because of strong sense of civic duty

To the editor,
I, Bill Bolton, am running for selectman of the Town of Plymouth, and would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, March 12.
I've resided in Plymouth for most of my life. My wife Denise and I chose to raise our four children here and have benefited from Plymouth's excellent school system as well as the town's nurturing environment. In fact, my son Will is about to graduate from PRHS and will become a student at Plymouth State University next fall. We have much at stake in Plymouth's continued success and in PSU's high quality of education.
When I think of Plymouth, many things come to mind — the physical beauty of our town and surroundings, the good public school system, and the close collaboration between the town and the university. But I also think of high property taxes, the impending development of the Tenney Mountain Highway corridor, and the rollout of diverse alternative energy systems. The town's direction depends on its strong and effective boards and commissions, and an effective town manager and staff. The Selectboard assures that the proper tools are provided to the town management and that it is governed correctly.
I am running for selectman because I have a strong sense of civic duty and a love for the Plymouth community. I have also had many years' of experience managing the staff and budgets of large state agencies. I have served as New Hampshire State Registrar and am currently an information technology consultant for a national association. Throughout my career in state government, I have pursued cutting edge projects involving innovative solutions. I have developed a skill-set that allows me to be thorough in the analysis of issues and problems, and defensible and just in my decisions.
Due to good fortune (and good broadband connectivity), I am now able to work out of my home. Although not quite an "empty-nester" (my daughter is a seventh grader at PES), I find I have more time to offer the Plymouth community, and I have volunteered for such organizations like "Keep the Heat On" (recently appointed chair of the Sponsor Committee), and the "Educational Theatre Collaborative". I also have time to offer the Selectboard.
In the years ahead, the Plymouth Selectboard must take increased responsibility for ensuring that the town's character is preserved within a reasonable tax structure. I would like very much to work for my community in deciding how we achieve that goal. Thank you for your vote on Tuesday, March 12.
William R. Bolton, Jr.
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