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Let's see if Belmont taxpayers will open that station on their own

To the editor,
Letter to the Sanbornton selectmen:
Apparently Sanbornton has not had a need for the Winnisquam Fire Station because it's been closed for the past six years. I am curious does anyone know what kind of an impact that has had, if any, on our lakeside residents? Haven't seen any letters in the paper or comments at the BOS meetings complaining about the service provided by our Fire Department. Have you ?
I suspect that Belmont was pushing for the reopening due to the demand in service in that area of Belmont. Lets see if the taxpayers of Belmont are willing to pay for that station to reopen on their own!
If the Selectmen of Belmont don't want to speak to us anymore let them explain their attitude to their taxpayers at election time!
Bill Whalen
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