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Meredith DPW crew was clearing snow banks at 2 a.m. Thanks!

To the editor,
Have no fear, the snow is cleared!
Last night my staff and I worked throughout the night in preparation for Valentine's Day and witnessed an AMAZING scene thanks to the Meredith Public Works Department. As we busied ourselves in the kitchen we all paused when we heard the rumbling of trucks, (an unusual sound to hear at 2 a.m. on Main Street, Meredith). The town was clearing away the massive snow banks that lined the sidewalks and caused many parking dilemmas along town streets. What an amazing site to see; snow plowed in a linear formation by a bulldozer with plow attachment, and then pulled through a snow thrower directly into the back of a large dump truck. Within seconds, four or six dump trucks were full and roaring away to their dumping destination.
As a local business owner this overnight task is very much appreciated — easy parking and accessibility to our entrance for our customers. From all of us at Kara's Café, thank you to the hard-working Meredith town employees.
Kara Martinez
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