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300 of us from N.H. rallied in D.C. against law that allows infanticide

To the editor,
More than 300 residents of New Hampshire attended the January 25 Rally and March for Life in Washington D.C. We returned home by bus on Saturday morning after witnessing the events there.
There were over four-hundred thousand pro-life people at the National Mall braving a temperature in the twenties as we listened to speakers that included some members of Congress. Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey called Roe v. Wade "infamous, reckless, and inhumane." I met and talked with some people in a group of 350 that traveled from Iowa. There were many college students in attendance, and I saw a group of young children from New Orleans. Others I met came from Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, other states, and even from as far away as Nebraska.
After the rally, we marched up Constitution Avenue in light snowfall which reminded me of the pure and clean innocence of unborn babies. Our route took us past the U.S. Capital and the Senate office buildings to an end at the steps of the Supreme Court where the terrible decision to legalize abortion took place 40 years ago.
There was joy, excitement, and comfort in witnessing so many Americans support life for babies, opposing the law that allows for infanticide. Far too often, Americans ignore the fact that an unborn child IS a child and deserves a life.
Harry Mitchell
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