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Have you as an American been offered what immigrants get?

To the editor,
I would like to know when and why the American people became second class citizens?
I believe it really began in earnest with the major influx of people from Cuba. If I remember correctly, they were freely given all of the benefits that we as Americans had to work to earn. So began the injustice of no help for the people who had earned and deserved it, and things have continued to go downhill since then. Food stamps to the poor and deserving Americans were cut, and handed to people coming in from other countries, who had to do nothing but sign their names to have everything handed to them. It has progressed to the point where, now, our senior citizens and mentally ill Americans cannot even live, but have to struggle mightily to just exist. Many of them have to choose between getting their medications or having food to eat.
We now have people coming here from other countries being handed many thousands of dollars to start up their own businesses, and pay no taxes for five years. There are no strings attached – no requirement to repay the money they were handed, etc. Have you as an American been offered this opportunity? I didn't think so! What's wrong with this picture, and why are we denied these opportunities?
People in all of our states are experiencing more drastic cuts from much-needed services on a daily basis. The money that is being handed to people coming here from other countries would go a long way towards providing these benefits that our citizens earned and need.
John C. Richards, Sr.
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