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Shaker budget committee could be a step in the right direction

To the editor,
I was pleasantly surprised to read that a member of the Shaker Regional School Board is suggesting that perhaps there should be a budget committee formed to oversee the budget. This is something i have been calling for for several years! I applaud Rich Bryant's courage in even suggesting this. The taxes in Belmont now in both the school as well as perhaps the town have kept the town tax rate near the highest of any town/city in the entire state. The town has done a much better job overall in keeping the town portion down as compared to the school district. I would only hope that should this idea actually come to fruition that any member of the said school budget committee have no connection to the school by way of employment, etc.
This is a step in the right direction if it is done right. I still feel, though, that the school district needs to be dealt with under SB-2, the same as the town. The run away spending of the Shaker District needs to be stopped. Last years approval of the teacher's contract was a terrible slap in the face of taxpayers as a whole. Shame on the union that represents the teachers of the Shaker District! SB-2 would certainly make it more difficult for the union, which has little problem stacking the meetings in order to get what they wish. fear can do that!
Don Irvin
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