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Please don't try to get by by fixing up really old snow machines

To the editor,
Last year on January 22, 2012 Robert "Bobbo" Horn was the first one killed in a snowmobile accident in the state of New Hampshire. There is a message that Bobby would have told all you snowmobilers if he could. Working on an old sled, making due with old parts and rigging it to get it to run is not worth it because anything can go wrong.
There are a lot of riders out there that are making due because of the economy is bad; they have to get by with what they have and are unable to afford the right expensive parts and professional costs to fix them correctly. Even though Bobby was a boat motor, dirt bike and jeep mechanic, his mistake was getting by. As much as he knew, and after replacing all the fuel lines, the carburetor cable stuck wide open on the carburetor end, not at the fuel handle and cost him his life — unexpectedly and within a second. The lesson is, don't get by fixing up really old machines because you can never do enough to them to be safe. A mistake like that can cost you your life on any vehicle.
Kerren Horne

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