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Sun owed us information on results of Saturday's Chili Cook-off

To the editor,
As a chili aficionado I have been watching The Laconia Daily Sun for a report on the winners of the Chili Cook-off held this past Sunday at the Weirs Beach Lobster Pound. It is understandable that the Sun, with no Monday edition, would not dispatch a reporter on a Sunday afternoon to prepare a story that would be "old news" by the time the Sun hit the streets on Tuesday. Nevertheless, I submit that the Sun owes it to their readership to inform the chili-lovers among them who-is-who among the local restaurants that feature chili on their menus.
So let it be known that 300(+) chili-fans tasted 15 different recipes on Sunday and were empowered to vote on their favorites for "The People's Choice" award. Personally I took great satisfaction that potential restaurant-goers agreed with me that the Lyons' Den concoction was the favorite. But then too, the Mug's and Looney Bin's formulas were worthy runner-ups.
An "official" panel of three judges (Laconia's Mayor Michael Seymour, Police Chief Chris Adams, and Deputy Fire Chief Deb Pendergast) awarded winning status to three other chilies: The Looney Bin, the Lobster Pound, and Christmas Island Resort.
To my taste all 15 chilies were winners of one sort or another. But if I only have one taste left to live, I'm heading to the Lyons' Den for the ultimate spicy experience.
Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay
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