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Do not vote for Democrats or Republicans; vote for Libertarians

To the editor,
Yes, Bob Meade is correct. As anyone who is not part of their team can see, the executive branch of the current administration in Washington is out of control. But his January 22 column falls short of its potential because like so many others it recognizes the problem but has no clue to the solution.
Surely he knows a few letters (or a few thousand letters) or a few protests will not halt the Obama socialists gradual dismantling of the U.S. Constitution.
The solution is, has been, and will remain in the voting booth. Do NOT vote for Democrats.
That, however, is not to say that you should vote for Republicans. They are no better. Perhaps with their burgeoning militant theocracy they are even more immediately dangerous to our freedom.
The corrupt entrenched self-serving establishment is leading us to ruin.
If people would vote Libertarian that would get the attention of the crooks and despots as they are voted out of office.
David M. Zebuhr
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