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GOP needs chair with new ideas & no ties to party's past failures

To the editor,
Today, five hundred some Republican Party delegates will take the first step towards retooling New Hampshire's GOP; their goal is the reversal of last November's drubbing by the Granite State's liberal Democrats, who joined with Independents and demoralized Republicans to reject the party's conservative message... gone stale.
These dedicated representatives of our party will be swimming against a rip ride of rejection of the status quo, when they select the next chairman of the state Republican Party.
Should the five hundred party faithful cast their lot with the same GOP "leadership" who presided over back-to-back election debacles? Should they second the opinions of the old guard, who favor Republicans who've been rejected — resoundingly — by New Hampshire's electorate? Is doing things in lock step with the past, the way to the future of the Grand Old Party?
Or, with the fate of conservatism having in the balance, should they do the unthinkable — and select a chairman with new ideas, an understanding that it now takes more than Republican votes to win, and who has nothing to do with past failures?
This Republican hopes they make the right choice, even though it may mean standing tall against resistance to change.
Bruce Van Derven
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