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NRA has same view of 2nd Amendment as Supreme Court does

To the editor,
Another day and lo and behold another anti-gun/NRA rant that is long on rhetoric and short on facts. Mr. Maloof of Plymouth made a lot of statements in Wednesday's letter but didn't back them up with any facts, which I find to be a common occurrence when people from the anti-gun crowd submit letters to this paper. I am going to take the liberty to make a statement that I can't prove and that is, if these people weren't rallying against firearms they would find another issue du jour to vent their pent-up anger on.
First off let me say factually that firearms don't last forever because if they did there would be no market for antique firearms that is booming at this time. Secondly, I doubt if Mr. Maloof still drives his first car or pedals his first bike. Also,think of all the new tools that come to market on almost a daily basis. I could go on and on but I think you get the drift. Another non-fact in his letter was seeing assault weapons of all kinds on the streets. What an idiotic statement! When are you people going to learn what an assault rifle is before making these statements that show your ignorance of the subject that you are writing about.
"Don't think for a minute that the NRA doesn't get a cut from every firearm sold" Mr. Maloof's words. Where's the beef? Please fax the proof of that statement to The Sun so that it can be published for everyone to see. Does the NRA get donations from the gun industry? Yes they do, just as Obama gets political donations from the NEA (teachers) and other unions. The bulk of the donations from the gun industry go to finance the firearms safety courses which the NRA sponsors all over the country. Where does the NEA's money go?
He also states "way over a million of us have been killed by their products since the Kennedy assassination." Again, all noise and no facts. I think if you included the Vietnam War and other battles since JFK's assassination, the number would still be well below his.
" So it's never been the right to keep and bear arms and maintaining a state militia aka negro slave patrols." What the heck is he talking about? He claims the NRA has a distorted view of the 2nd Amendment and a hunter's right to kill four legged creatures and for children to attend school without being riddled by assault rifles. (See 2nd. paragraph.) The NRA has the same view of the 2nd Amendment as the Supreme Court does.
So Mr. Maloof, if you can back up your statements with facts I will gladly retract all of mine. In the meantime I suggest you sit down with someone and discuss your penchant for maligning the truth which you seem to be proficient at. You certainly could use the help. Oh, by the way, I hope you have a large supply of chicken wings to protect yourself with in case of a home invasion.
Dave Schwotzer
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