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Banning guns only creates populace of unarmed helpless victims

To the editor,
I couldn't help but notice the number of letters here in this paper written about the gun control debate that is currently raging, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents worth. The brain-washed, average anti-gun citizen has been studiously kept ignorant of the studies, such as the Uniform Crime Report from the FBI as well as reports from the United Nations (of all places) and even Scotland Yard that have concluded that: Where there are more guns in citizens hands violent crime goes down. We are not talking about war zones here just to be clear.
I have personally noticed that whenever one of these mass killings is committed it inevitably is in one of the "gun free zones" our liberal politicians favor. They keep saying schools are no place for guns and then next thing you here about is another school killing spree. Makes no sense! We should do whatever it takes to protect our kids from nut cases, arm teachers, armed security on grounds, in schools, whatever it takes. Banning private ownership of guns only creates a populous of unarmed helpless victims.
This stampede toward that end is where progressives are trying to drive our people. Readers, check the facts, use you good sense and don't let slick politicians heard you, like cattle, into the slaughter house.
Steve Earle
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