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Wll made guns last forever but industry finds way to sell more

To the editor,
Back in the 40s my dad was a proud member of the NRA. He was a devout "sportsman" who participated in turkey shoots several times a year. On occasion he would even bring back a turkey. Part of his membership included the glossy NRA catalogue which I enjoyed perusing. Various L.C. Smiths and Belgian blue steel shotguns were true marvels of the gun making craft. He had several works of beauty that he kept locked up in the mirrored wardrobe pulling them out from time to time to show prospective customers who responded to his newspaper ads to either trade or sell. These guns were so well made that they lasted a lifetime... hence the problem for the gun industry. In the past 50 years the NRA has gone from being a sportsman's organization to a deadly mouthpiece for gun manufacturers. Since guns do last a lifetime, the manufacturers have to keep inventing ways to sell their products or they would go out of business. Remember the Maytag washing machine? You only needed one. Today, the NRA has become so powerful that they own most of the Republicans and a even a few of the Democrats.
In an effort to stay alive (no pun intended) gun manufacturers had to continually revise their products to what you see today on the streets — assault weapons of all kinds. While doing so they have convinced half the population into believing that it's all about the 2nd Amendment, the constitution, freedom, and "protection" when all the while it's always been about the money. Don't think for a minute that the NRA doesn't get its cut from every gun sold in this country!
I was at the local supermarket this morning and couldn't help but notice that the family pack of chicken wings were selling for almost $12. These are the same wings that meat markets use to practically give away. Then along came the "marketing". They changed the name to Buffalo wings and tied them in with football viewing. The rest is history.
One has to admit that it was a great advertising ploy but the NRA has sold us the ULTIMATE bill of goods. They have convinced half the population into believing that their products "protect" us when in reality since the assassination of J.F. Kennedy way over a million of us have been killed with their products! Now that friends, is salesmanship.
So it's never been about the right to bear arms and maintaining a "state militia" aka Negro slave patrols. It's always been about the money. In the final analysis it will come down to whether you believe the NRA's distorted view of the 2nd Amendment and a hunters right to kill four legged creatures or children's' rights to attend school without being riddled by assault weapons.
Here's hoping that most reasonable gun owners will see through the nefarious evolution over the years of the NRA.
George Maloof

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