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We don't need outside group trying to help WRSD officials get around 2012 kindergarten vote

To the editor,
For 200 years we've had community conversations about big issues — open conversations in public session with a town or district moderator. I recall a few years ago a debate over the Winnisquam Regional School District apportionment formula and another about football. All that is about to change.
Apparently, all-day kindergarten is such an important issue to the administration that they feel the need to bring in an outside group to "shape" public opinion their way. The news article in The Echo described the meeting as "structured and focused". I thought the job description of our paid school district moderator included keeping our discussions structured and focused, didn't you? Ah, but the difference is that this outside group, NH Listens, keeps us focused for one reason and one reason only: to achieve the outcome the school administration wants. That's right, we will be focused and structured until we give the facilitators the answers they want. N.H. Listens is highly trained in the Delphi Technique, and this very liberal organization knows how to work us over so that in the end, the school administration gets what they want.
In this case, the administration wants a public "consensus" for all-day kindergarten. We didn't give it to them at last year's district meeting after an open discussion in which all voices could be heard by all, so they'll try to get it in a structured session (i.e., not an open discussion), facilitated by an outside group. If they get it, we'll see the same article that we turned down last year brought up again this year without any new justification.
Come to the community meeting January 23rd and respectfully tell this outside group that the message for the administration is, "No means No." Our system of open-forum community discussions run by a moderator has worked just fine for 200 years. We don't need facilitators standing between us and our elected representatives or district employees. 6:30 at the WRSD Middle School.
Greg Hill
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