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When talking to Merry, you become aware of her commitment

To The Daily Sun,

In this climate of candidates running their campaigns by slamming each other and telling, or should I say shouting, what their opponents won't, or didn't do, it is refreshing to meet a candidate who talks about what they plan to do to make Laconia a better place for everyone to live.

Liz Merry is running for state representative in District 3. She has prior experience as a state representative (2010), and she is an active member of the community, working on committees at LRGH and Genesis, among others. Through her volunteer work, she is involved in seeing first-hand what Laconia needs. This is her motivation to become state representative again and be in a position where she can make a positive difference for the people of Laconia.

In talking with Liz you become aware of her honest commitment, drive, genuine concern for the community, and her awareness of the needs of all area residents. She wants to make Laconia the best city in the Lakes Region.

Some of her ideas include improving Laconia's attraction to tourism, attracting more business to the area thereby providing more jobs, having the education needed to train people for those jobs, and providing housing and health care that adapts to the growing and changing needs of the residents in the area.

Liz is well-spoken, conscientious, and forward-thinking. She is a formidable candidate capable of being heard in the Statehouse and accomplishing everything needed to make Laconia the best place in the Lakes Region. So when she comes to your door, ask her about her plan, and tell her your needs.

Kathleen Krom

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Trump doesn’t represent the Republic ideal – and he never has

To The Daily Sun,

If Messrs Earle, Ewing, and Boutin are truly committed to not having Hillary Clinton elected in November, and truly want to have Republican ideals in place, then I encourage them to vote for the ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld. Both men were successful Republican governors and would not only protect your Second Amendment rights, but would work to reduce taxation, American military involvement overseas, and move towards a balanced budget.

They are honorable men, and represent much of what was the Republican ideal pre-Reagan. They are also on the ballot in all 50 states and are so very close to hitting the threshold to be in the presidential and vice presidential debates.

Donald Trump does not represent the Republican ideal whatsoever, and never has. His lies and dishonesty are easily on par with Hillary's, with the exception that he's never done anything for anyone other than himself, so there is nothing to be said about him in regards to public service.

He is beholden to banks across the globe to the tune of close to $1 billion, including Chinese banks. His involvement with the Russians has now been clearly exposed. He has made a mockery of not just this process, but threatens to make a mockery of our nation. This is not a man worthy of our votes.

He denigrates every other aspect of America that is not white, male, and Christian. And while Messrs Earle, Ewing, and Boutin are certainly within that demographic, I'd hope that they would move beyond party politics and personal bias and do what is right for America. And that is not Donald Trump.

Alan Vervaeke

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